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August 19, 2015

Adam Scott


Q. Adam, welcome back to the Wyndham Championship. Just get some thoughts on being here this week.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah. No, it's great to be back here. Fantastic course. Quick trip around in the Pro-Am and you're reminded of just how good this golf course is in. It's in great shape. Hopefully no more rain for the week but it's a big week for everyone here.
Everyone is trying to make a little last move before The Playoffs, obviously, so everything is here and hopefully get some momentum going for the last event of the year.

Q. You said you don't want it to rain anymore. Is there a particular reason behind that? Like the greens softer anyway?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah. Well, I think the fairways have taken as much water as they can. It's pretty soggy out there and I think if the course plays firmer and faster. It's going to be a tougher test and that's probably why everyone wants it to be softer but it's going to identify the best golfers of the week, more likely if it's firm and such a great course, there's a lot of thinking involved when it's in good shape, trying to keep the ball under the hole positioning it. I like that test of golf.

Q. What's the main purpose for wanting to come to Wyndham this week?
ADAM SCOTT: I haven't played a lot of golf this summer and disappointing the last couple of weeks for me. Result-wise, however, I feel my game is good and it's a good time for me to play and, like I said, if I can just get a little bit of momentum heading into The Playoffs events that puts me in good sted to play the next few weeks and then you never know.

Q. Adam, you had Tiger woods playing in front of you. How would you describe the atmosphere that you saw?
ADAM SCOTT: There's no doubt about things created by Tiger. It happens everywhere he goes. You can tell how passionate the local people and everyone involved in the tournament here are about this tournament and it means such a great deal to them to have Tiger woods in the field. I think it's fantastic.
We're in for a great week no matter what and it's a nice feeling when you come to any event and everyone is just so passionate about it, excited to see the players out there.

Q. Put a handle on since been back, what happened?
ADAM SCOTT: I didn't play well. To be honest, going into Akron I only played two of nine weeks in the summer and you come to Akron and the PGA courses are -- which have extreme penalty and if you're not sharp it's going to be very difficult and I found that whereas if it's a links style course and even Chambers Bay it's a different kind of golf than playing at Firestone and Whistling Straits.
So, my poor shots were really punished the last couple weeks and made scoring difficult for me.

Q. What part of your game let you down?
ADAM SCOTT: It was just all of it average to be honest. There was nothing great. My short game didn't pick up when the shots weren't good and vice versa. So, you know, it just needs to be a little sharper. You get that playing a little bit more.
I feel like I'm kind of getting into a nice rhythm this week which is unfortunate because I always try to peak for the Majors and last week I didn't so it's always a work in progress. Hopefully I find it here.

Q. Adam, Jason was the first Aussie to win a Major since you won the Masters, obviously. Must have been a little proud to see another Aussie join the club.
ADAM SCOTT: Absolutely. Very proud of Jas, the way he did it last week. He's been so close. I think we saw what it meant to him and he finished out and good to see and I think, you know, so many guys throwing their name in the ring, kind of claiming their time and seeing the best golfers of this decade really now. It's becoming quite clear.
Jason has put his name in kind of set in stone now with winning a Major and good for him. He's got winning a Major in your 20s, so many opportunities in front of him. He's going to have a great career.

Q. You're safe for next week. How cognizant will you be where you stand in the FedExCup along the week and whatever?
ADAM SCOTT: This week, you mean?

Q. You're set for next week.
ADAM SCOTT: Anything it's just a bonus obviously this week and just got to make sure you're there in New York and then anything can happen. But certainly trying to round the game into shape this week and get a good result.
You know, obviously I'm here like every other week to try and win the tournament and carry that form through the next five or six weeks. I mean you've got -- you're going to have to play some really hot golf to win the FedExCup.

Q. How high -- what does getting to Atlanta, is that the goal?
ADAM SCOTT: It is the goal at the moment, really. The season has got to that point. The Majors are finished and now it's down to the last five possible events for the season and I'm not guaranteed in, almost no one is but it is important for me to play these next few events and get there. It's really a couple good weeks away and once you get to Barclays, like I said, and the points go up, you can move along.

Q. Did you pick up the clubs at all after missing the cut before you got here? Did you spend time --
ADAM SCOTT: I've been straight back into it. Like I said, you know, just feeling like I'm getting into that right rhythm of where everything should be and I've been working on it. I like the way I'm coming in here. Not of results but of the way my game is shaping up.

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