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August 16, 2015

Justin Rose

Kohler, Wisconsin, USA

Q. When you look around, you see all these guys in their mid-20s on the leaderboard, you're like the senior member, what goes through your mind?
JUSTIN ROSE: You know, I didn't see it that way when you're out there. You're trying to compete as hard as you can. Experience counts for a lot, but you've still got to go ahead and play great golf.

The golf course doesn't really respect or recognize past major wins or anything like that. Each week you've got to build a new week.

It's exciting for golf right now. I think golf is in a great spot. Rory, Jordan obviously have been leading the way. Jason has been knocking on that Majors door for a long time. Really happy this happened for him today. If it wasn't me, I was kind of pulling for Jason. It's just good for golf.

Q. What kept you from making a charge?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think I made a charge. I had a putt on No. 12 to get to 17-under. Jason, I think at that point, was at 18. I did all I could really through the front nine, and when I made the turn I really got in the tournament.

The double bogey on 13 took the wind out of my sails. That's the thing about this golf course, there's birdies to be had, but if you get in the wrong spot, you can get up a double real quick and unfortunately that's what happened to me on 13, which was very untimely.

Q. Do you think Jason ever doubted that he would win one of these when he was so close, and just could not --
JUSTIN ROSE: I don't think he doubted it. I think obviously there's frustration and doubt when it might happen, but I think he always knew it was going to happen. Like I say, he's been very close. He's young, what is he, 27, 28? So, yeah, he had time on his side. There was no time to panic just yet. I'm pleased for him that he answered that question.

Q. The winning score is 20-under, the lowest score ever shot in a major?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I thought -- coming into this week, I thought 14-under par would be great. Actually it's ironic that's what I finished on, but I thought that would be a winning score. Even today again I was surprised. It's quite tough to keep track of the totals on the leaderboard.

I knew that putt on 17, I knew I was right there. Then a couple of holes later, made a double, and I kind of realized I was back in the pack. Loads of guys were shooting good scores. So obviously the course was yielding, but at the same time you had to play really well.

Q. Is there any disappointment in this week?
JUSTIN ROSE: There's always disappointment. I don't think it will change my life. Winning changes your life. Yeah, I mean -- I played well, just more evidence that my game is there, and ready to compete again and win a major championship. So you take confidence from it.

Winning obviously was the goal, especially when you're kind of that close. You finish third, second, fourth, it doesn't make much difference.

Q. Pick out one shot that you were most happy with, or highlight a shot?
JUSTIN ROSE: The 52 degree wedge I hit into 12. That got me 4-under par today, and kept me going and made me believe that I could win the tournament.

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