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August 15, 2015

Brooke Henderson


Q. What was your mindset going into today?
BROOKE HENDERSON: To get a good round together and try and increase my lead, and definitely just hit good shots and see what could happen, and I'm really happy to get it to ‑18 and hopefully tomorrow just improve on that a little bit.

Q. Can you recall what the biggest lead you've ever had going into a final round at any tournament at any level?
BROOKE HENDERSON: No, actually, sorry, I don't know, but this would probably be up there, in the amount of strokes that I have ahead. But I know it's long from over and there's a lot of great players behind me. I saw a ‑9 on the board and a couple ‑7s, so it's definitely doable on this golf course, so I know I'll have to put a solid round in.

Q. You didn't look nervous out there today. Were you?
BROOKE HENDERSON: A couple shots I was for sure, but overall I felt really good, and hopefully I'll have similar feelings starting tomorrow. I know in San Francisco, Saturday I wasn't feeling the nerves, and then Sunday I did. I'll just have to be aware of that for tomorrow.

Q. What did you learn from that San Francisco experience?

Q. You're playing with the same person, by the way.
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, that's right, and she was always and still is a big role model for me. It was interesting in San Francisco. I learned a lot about myself and my game, and I think I've come leaps and bounds from there early in the season, and like I said, I'm just really excited to play tomorrow and hopefully get a good number.

Q. On the par‑5s, your second shot you seemed to be going with a wood, really trying to blast it up there to have a good look at birdie, and that really worked out for you today. What was the mindset going into that?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I like to get as close to the green as I can on par‑5s. A couple of them, like No.5 today, I ended up in the greenside bunker, but a couple yards to the right and I would have been on the front of the green. Really I don't mind a bunker shot. Unfortunately I didn't hit it that well today. And then again on 10, I was just before the bunker and gave myself a 20‑yard chip, whereas some of the other girls were coming in from 90, 100 yards, so I just think it gives a little bit of an advantage and gives me the possibility of hitting the green.

Q. If you can think back to hole 11 I think it was, you hit your drive on the right side in the rough. What was the view like of the green? It was hard to see from the other side.
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, there was a little bit of tree issue. Not much, only I was thinking about just going to the right of that green because there was a bunker guarding the left side, sort of where the pin was. It turns out I took a pretty direct line and was able to hold it thanks to the back of the bunker and make a birdie. I hit my tee shot a little bit right of where I wanted to, but I think that might be the best line.

Q. Are you the type of person to look at leaderboards?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, for sure. I know I have to focus on my own game and focus on every shot, but I do look at it and see where I'm positioned and see where other girls are.

Q. You tied the 54‑hole record for this tournament, which has been around forever pretty much. Is this the best 54‑hole stretch you've ever had, amateur, pro, ever?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yes, I do believe so. I think I shot ‑19 at the World Am last year after four days, but for 54, this would be the best.

Q. Technically you're 22‑under for the week if you count the qualifier.
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, that's right.

Q. Would you have come to this tournament, do you think, if Brittany hadn't gotten the exemption?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I don't know. I think it was a blessing in disguise that she got the sponsor's invite and I came out here because it is a long way to travel from home, and I'm not sure if I would have made the trip.

Q. It's kind of funny to think you might have been caddying if you wouldn't have‑‑
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, exactly. I'm glad I'm playing, though.

Q. Does having Brit and your dad and Bunk here this week maybe it a little bit easier, kind of a more relaxed atmosphere going into the evening tonight?
BROOKE HENDERSON: It's really nice having everybody here. I have such a great support system, and even as I walked off 18 there, it was Brit and Bunk was on my bag and Alena Sharp and Sarah were just there, which means a lot coming from a fellow Canadian and a great friend of mine. You know, I'm very blessed to have the people around me that I do, and I think tonight if I can just relax a little bit and get set for tomorrow, good things will happen.

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