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August 15, 2015

Matt Jones

Kohler, Wisconsin, USA

Q. Take us through the back nine and the highs and the lows. For a while your name was up at the top of the leaderboard and then you're fighting to stay in it?
MATT JONES: I'm still in it. I'm definitely not out of it. I have to shoot a very good round tomorrow. I played -- I didn't play great today, I got away with it on the front nine and made a couple of good birdies on the back nine.

Golf runs like that, and it got me in the end. I was happy to par the last. Make some birdies tomorrow and get my name back up there.

Q. Can you tell us what happened on 9?
MATT JONES: I was trying to hit a -- I double crossed it and I hit it exactly where I wanted it. I hit it perfectly, I just had the wrong line.

Q. How were the nerves today?
MATT JONES: I was totally fine. I wasn't nervous at all. No, especially birdieing the first hole to get off to a good start is good. Hopefully I can start that way tomorrow.

Q. It was a lot of work, but were you able to enjoy the moment?
MATT JONES: Oh, yeah, we had a great time. We joked all day. It's always fun playing with Jason. He's playing great. He's going to be very tough to beat tomorrow, the way he's putting, as well. Best of luck to him.

Q. Two Australians and then it's a virtual United Nations out there. What do you see looking at the leaderboard like that?
MATT JONES: It's great to see Australians up on the leaderboard. It just goes to show the quality of golf right now. Golf is from everywhere in the world. Very good.

Q. Do you see a glimmer in Jason's eye? Everyone wonders if it's his time. Do you get that sense at all?
MATT JONES: It will happen when it happens. And when it does, there will probably be a lot of them come. I see top 10 in every major. Once he gets his first one, just like Phil, Phil went on a run, and I can see that happen with Jason. He'll win five or six pretty quick.

Q. What do you do to get yourself back in the mindset you had the first couple of days?
MATT JONES: I'll call my coach this afternoon. My swing got a little loose coming down the stretch. And then I just missed a few putts, that's all it was. If I get a few putts, it's a different story right now. The putts I made the first few rounds -- those last few holes, I didn't make the putts.

Q. What was the reception like up on that area on 9. People looked kind of wild up there?
MATT JONES: It was crazy. It was exciting. It was exciting to get up close like that.

Q. Go through that shot on 9.
MATT JONES: Actually I was happy where the ball was. The spot where I had to have gone would have been much harder. And I hit a very good shot. I actually hit it exactly on the line I picked, I picked the wrong line. I thought the wind was off to the left, but it was straight down.

Q. What club did you use there?

Q. I'm sure you've hit shots in the gallery before, have you ever hit a shot like that?
MATT JONES: Someone asked me earlier, I don't know if I have. I can't remember.

Q. Everybody was high fiving you up there?
MATT JONES: Yeah, there was a lot of cameras clicking. And I just had to deal with it, because no one is going to be able to control a crowd like that. So I just hit my shot.

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