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August 15, 2015

Justin Rose

Kohler, Wisconsin, USA

Q. (No microphone.)
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, good round of golf today, 68. Obviously anything in the 60s on moving day is not going to do you any harm.

Early on, before I even started my round, I could see that there were scores to be had out there. A few guys were going low. But when I got on the golf course, it certainly wasn't easy. The breeze was up, it was from a slightly different direction. And I was kind of surprised that when I looked up at the leaderboard, I saw Jason at 16 at one point. That surprised me that the guys were going that low behind. But all in all, a good day and in a good position for tomorrow.

Q. (No Microphone.)
JUSTIN ROSE: Obviously there's still some moisture in the golf course, yeah, so that's going to keep -- good shots are going to get rewarded because of that. You'll still see guys make birdie.

I heard it's going to be windier tomorrow, that could be the factor that we struggle with. Maybe. And that's going to allow the chasing pack to maybe have a better chance of making inroads into the lead. So it's always a little bit harder playing in the lead when you've got heavy winds to contend with as well. So we'll see what tomorrow brings. I don't know, I just heard that.

But I'm in a great position going into tomorrow and excited about the opportunity.

Q. (No Microphone.)
JUSTIN ROSE: Not adjustments really, just got to hit good shots. Obviously, poor shots get punished more in bad wind. You got to control the trajectory of your irons. It's not just about direction, it's about trajectory, so you have to strike it that much more purely in the wind.

Q. Do you have a number in mind tomorrow?
JUSTIN ROSE: It's never easy to close out a Major Championship, if I was to shoot 68 again, ask the question, you never know. Obviously I would like to go lower than that, but that would be the high end of what I would be thinking.

Q. Any thoughts about the Olympics next year?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, obviously excited about that opportunity as well. It's always great to represent your country. The Olympics is, it's the pinnacle of most sports. To go there first time for golf in a long, long time, it would be a huge honor. So obviously I'm going to work hard the next six, eight, ten months, whatever it is, to make the team and go and enjoy Rio.

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