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August 15, 2015

Justin Rose

Kohler, Wisconsin, USA

Q. How are you doing?
JUSTIN ROSE: Nice to wrap up obviously the second round. Good score out there for me today. A bunch of birdies, eight birdies, which was nice. Obviously from today's point of view, nice to finish with a strong par at the last.

Q. I gather you weren't the most popular player in the group last night?
JUSTIN ROSE: Obviously, I cursed us last night. I said the unfortunate words of the end is in sight, lads. Because obviously we saw the storm coming for about four holes and it felt like we might get away with it right there at the end, as we were on the 18th tee. Those fatal words left my mouth and 30 seconds later the horn blew. So, yeah, but when we all hit the fairway this morning, I said to the guys, well, you can thank me now, boys.

Q. You're very much in contention, how does it feel to be here this early on day three of the PGA Championship?
JUSTIN ROSE: It's a unique set of circumstances. This is where you just rely upon your experience, I suppose. And yeah, just go back, take the mind off for a few hours and then click back into your normal routine and rhythm. Once I get back to the course this afternoon, it will be just falling into my normal routine.

Q. How are you going to structure the rest of your day?
JUSTIN ROSE: I had a late breakfast before teeing off this morning, so go back, get something more substantial to eat. Head back to the hotel. I'll think about a nap. Probably go to the gym, do some sort of light movement preparation and work out and then come to the course and couple hours before and do my normal thing.

Q. How do you feel your score sets you up for the weekend?
JUSTIN ROSE: I'm in good position, obviously. Yeah, right there, 8-under par. In any Major Championship that's great after two days. Jason is playing very well, I think he just got it to 10, but a couple tricky holes to finish. But I'm within touching distance going into the weekend which is exactly where you want to be.

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