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August 14, 2015

Matt Jones

Kohler, Wisconsin, USA

Q. You got it really going. Must have been really happy with today?
MATT JONES: Yeah, I was. I played really well. I've had a few more chances to make birdies that I missed out on, which would have been nice, but it's been a good round so far and I got a few tough holes left to finish tomorrow morning.

Q. Bit of a shame almost that the weather came in because were you in such control of your ball?
MATT JONES: Yeah, no, I hit it good for the last two days. In the practice rounds as well. I had a tough hole to start back out on tomorrow, second shot out of the bunker. But there's a few more birdie holes, so I'm happy with where I am.

Q. How does this change your routine at all? You're tied for the lead, but you have one of the longest days out of anyone tomorrow. What will you do to prepare for tomorrow?
MATT JONES: Nothing. I'll go home, have dinner with the kids, play with them for awhile. Have a good nights sleep. Get up early and I'm not sure what the afternoon tee times are, what the last group is. Hopefully I'm around that. So I might go back to the house and relax for the day and then come back out.

Q. The situation, when you got yourself sort of up there amongst the mix and right up the top, did you notice the leaderboards and are you comfortable with that situation?
MATT JONES: I looked at it. It's fine. It's just a day of golf out there playing. It's good to see more, other Aussies out there, too. So, no, it's good to be up there and there's a long, long way to go. It really means nothing right now.

Q. You talk about being patient yesterday, did you keep that in your game today?
MATT JONES: Not as aggressive into some pins. Not as aggressive out of the rough or out of fairway bunkers, trying to take something on. Like on 15, I could have tried to get over, try to hit my second shot farther, but I hit it -- laid back to a good wedge and made a 10-footer for par.

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