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August 14, 2015

Brendan Steele

Kohler, Wisconsin, USA

Q. 3-under for the day, can you just kind of take me through the round a little bit. You started off with a birdie early on.
BRENDEN STEELE: Yeah, I did. I actually had a really good save for par on No. 2, which was kind of a key to the round, as it turned out. Hit it in the right bunker and got up under a lip and tried to play safe back in the fairway and left it in the rough, and then had to lay up from there. So I hit my fourth from about 140 and was able to get that up-and-down for a par, which obviously you don't want to makes 6s on these par-5s, because that's kind of the only place you can score.

So carried that momentum, hit a good shot on No. 3 and made a birdie there.

Hit a lot of good shots the rest of the day. Not holing as many putts as I would like, but hitting a lots of good shots.

Q. Take me through the eagle.
BRENDEN STEELE: Yeah, I hit a pretty good tee shot up the right side. We had 253 yards to the hole. I've got this great -- I call it kind of a 5-wood or 6-wood, it's like a 20 degree fairway wood. So high lofted fairway wood that doesn't curve and you get it started on a good line and it usually hits soft and lands pretty good. And it was a perfect number for us.

Q. How did the golf course change from yesterday morning to this afternoon?
BRENDEN STEELE: Yeah, definitely fairways are really firm. They're really starting to firm up. You've got to watch your run outs, especially on certain holes. You get down wind and the ball can really chase off the greens as well. The greens firmed up, so if you're in the rough you can't really stop the ball. From the fairway, you're playing a little bit more run out.

Q. Your best finish in a Major and I think your only made cut was also at a PGA Championship. What is it about this event that kind of brings out the best in you?
BRENDEN STEELE: I think the PGA does a great job of setting the course up fair. They pick good golf courses and then they set it up fair, where if you hit good shots you can make some birdies. They're not as worried about what the winning total is as maybe some of the other tournaments. And it always seems like it's fair test.

Q. How important was it to get done today?
BRENDEN STEELE: Yeah, that was nice. Definitely don't want to come back and have to play 18 or just hit a second shot into 18 or anything. So, it's important to get your rest when you're near the lead and in a Major especially, so it would be nice to go home and get a little bit of sleep and not have to worry about that.

Q. What's your strategy for tomorrow? Do you just kind of keep with what you've been doing, get a little more aggressive?
BRENDEN STEELE: Yeah, basically keep with what I've been doing. I'm trying to be really engaged into every shot. Whether I hit a good shot or a bad shot, the next shot I'm always trying to stay calm and stay engaged with what I'm doing.

Need to spend a little bit of time on the putting green and get some of those putts going in. I haven't really holed anything the last two days, but I hit it so good that it's put me in a good spot.

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