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August 13, 2015

Sara Errani


S. ERRANI/V. Azarenka
7‑5, 6‑3

Q. You've had a strong last few weeks in regards to your level of play and your results. Do you feel that you've got the energy from not playing doubles and that you found the form that you've had a few years ago, and do you feel that you can now return back to the Top 5, Top 10 with this form?
SARA ERRANI: Well, I mean for me the form is different every day. So today I think I played a really good match, but of course, I just tried to be physically perfect, and but I mean I played very good today. Maybe tomorrow I can play bad. So it doesn't‑‑ I don't think it's like a period that you play good can happen, but can change every day. Last weeks I didn't have good feelings in Bad Gastein and Bucharest. I made good result final, semifinal, but I didn't have good feelings, and here I'm having better feelings. So I'm happy about that.

Q. And do you feel kind of jumping off of that question, do you feel different physically now that you don't have to play doubles as much?
SARA ERRANI: Well, now here I'm playing doubles.

Q. Yes. But generally throughout the season.
SARA ERRANI: Yes, of course. Not playing doubles is very different. Playing doubles is much more on the court, and sometimes it's tough. So it was good to stop a little bit with the doubles and see more in singles.

Q. And today's match against Victoria, I mean thoughts on that? You played very well. You were able to protect your serve quite well. But how were you able to come out the winner of that match?
SARA ERRANI: Yes. I think I played a really good match today, very solid and didn't make too many mistakes and playing good with drop shot and tried to change the game not only flat. And I think I played a really good match and I'm very happy about that.

Q. Congratulations for your victory today. Next opponent is a qualifier, Lesia Tsurenko. Have you played against her? What do you know about your next opponent?
SARA ERRANI: Yeah. I've played one time against her, I think a couple of year ago, and on clay in Fed Cup, and I lost, retired. And she's playing very good. I mean the last weeks she made very good results. So I think it's really good‑‑ tough player, and maybe I will watch some more videos to check how she play because I don't know very well.

Q. And on your doubles, which you went in with Flavia today, do you plan to play with Flavia at the US Open, if you play doubles, and do you think you and Roberta will play doubles with each other again any time soon or in the future?
SARA ERRANI: Well, I don't know for the moment I'm playing with Flavia until the US Open. So we decide to play to have fun, and this is the important thing for me. And I don't know in the future. We will see.

Q. Sara, when you come to this section of the season, now the rest of the season is going to be hardcourts. It's already August. There's a few months left. Do you come into it tired? Do you come into it thinking, you know, I'm energized because the season is quote, unquote almost over or more than halfway over? What's the mentality when you hit the hardcourts, for you?
SARA ERRANI: Well, I love to be‑‑ to play this tour in u s a and Canada. It's always very nice. So it's‑‑ you start with energy, of course, you are in the second half of the year, so you are a bit tired. So it's normal. And you see everybody on the beach and have rest. So you see Facebook, everybody pose their self at the beach and things. So you think a little bit, wow, it's tough to be here. But I like this tournament. So with energy, of course, depending on the day. Some days you are more tired, some days better. So changing a little bit.

Q. You and Coco Vandeweghe have had some funny comments about your ping pong skills. Do you feel that your ping pong skills are tough sets for anybody?
SARA ERRANI: I love ping pong. I had a tournament with my brother. We play a lot when I was young. So here, with the rain, we have a lot of fun. I play a lot yesterday, before yesterday. So I like it. It is nice to have a ping pong table here.

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