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August 13, 2015

Andy Murray


A. MURRAY/G. Muller
6‑3, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Your thoughts on the singles match?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I thought I played a good match. Returned well. First game was important. I served a few breakpoints there. That kind of settled the nerves a little bit.
I felt like I got a good read on his serve today. When I played him at Queen's a few months ago, I didn't. That helped. I was able to neutralize his biggest weapon, which is his serve. That was the key to the match.

Q. Was that something that you were doing well or he was doing poorly, the serve?
ANDY MURRAY: I don't know what his thoughts are on how he served. I mean, from my perspective, I tried to change my return position a little bit, give him different looks of where I was standing.
When he missed a first serve, I was pretty, I would say, stingy. I didn't give him too many free points on his cycle serve. That put some pressure on him to make first serves.
He's got a fantastic serve. It's always difficult. But, yeah, I felt like I returned well today.

Q. I know you weren't particularly looking forward to playing Jamie in doubles. Talk to me about the experience. Was it as bad as you anticipated?
ANDY MURRAY: It was okay. To be honest, I think, yeah, it's not ideal. It's not a situation I want to be in all of the time.
I think like obviously doubles is Jamie's career. When I've played doubles, I've always taken it very seriously. Either I'm playing with one of the top doubles players, like Leander, or I play with one of the British guys, as well. But if I win or lose the match, I'm still here for the singles.
Obviously doubles is Jamie's career. I support him every single week. I watch all of his matches online. I'm always desperate for him to win.
It is awkward when you go on the court and play doubles against him when I'm always supporting him to win those matches. You know, I want to play well for Leander, too.
Yeah, it's tricky. But it wasn't too bad. Like emotionally I didn't find it that stressful. The atmosphere is just a bit, you know, awkward I think for everyone involved. Especially like the partners, as well.
Like you watch our first match. Me and Leander are pretty energetic on the court. I don't want to be fist pumping and stuff and getting in Jamie's face and his partner's as well.
The level of the match was pretty high. That was a good thing. Maybe I can take that into some of my singles matches and try to be a bit more levelheaded.

Q. There is a chance you'll play Tsonga in the next round, in the quarterfinals. He beat you in the quarterfinals of the Rogers Cup last year. How is that challenge for you?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I mean, that was a match, a tough one for me to lose. I was up a break in that match in the third set. I was going through a difficult period there, having played a poor match at Wimbledon, was struggling a bit with my confidence. I remember that match pretty well.
Managed to win against him a few weeks later at the US Open, which was for me a big win. At that time it was very important for me, that one.
But it's very different conditions here to Toronto. I would expect a slightly different match. But, you know, Jo's always tough to play against. He will be pumped to try to defend his title here. It will be a tough match.

Q. I'm sure you're well aware of the events involving Nick Kyrgios over the last 24 hours, the various reactions to them. Can I ask your thoughts on anything that happened last night?
ANDY MURRAY: The last bit?

Q. Both last night, the actual events, and in response.
ANDY MURRAY: Obviously we were playing doubles. I obviously heard the crowd weren't, you know, particularly nice to him. They let their feelings be known to him.
Look, it's unfortunate. I don't want to say anything bad about Nick because, you know, I like him. Most important thing is that he learns from what happened yesterday. There's obviously certain things in tennis, in our sport. In other sports that sort of thing happens more often than we imagine, in a lot of team sports especially. But in tennis, yeah, there's certain things you shouldn't do. That was probably one of them.
Hopefully he learns from it. But Nick, he's not all bad. People want to make it like he is. But he's a young guy who's, you know, growing up in the spotlight. There's been a lot of negativity towards him over the last few months. That isn't easy to deal with.
I think that it's important that he obviously learns from the mistake, but everyone just gives him a little bit of a break as well. He's not a bad guy. He's just made some mistakes. He'll learn from them and become a better person, I'm sure.

Q. Can you elaborate a little bit on the difference between here and Toronto.
ANDY MURRAY: It's been cold this year, for a start. Normally both places are quite hot. It seemed like last year the ball was flying and bouncing extremely high. It was very, very lively. I remember when I played Tsonga last year, he served extremely well the whole week, made it difficult for everyone he played against because he was serving so well.
It seems like there's not as many aces this week, some longer rallies. That's what it appears to me anyway.

Q. Seems to be some bubbles on the main court. Is that a problem for the players at all?
ANDY MURRAY: I mean, they've had to delay a few of the matches on the center court when it's rained. That's been the case.

Q. Even when it cleared, it looks like the court is sweating a little bit. They're out there with towels a lot.
ANDY MURRAY: When I was playing against Robredo, I saw that. It's not something I've noticed when I've been playing the point in terms of the bounces and stuff.
Yeah, obviously players want the court to be safe.

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