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August 14, 2015

Caroline Masson


Q. That was a nice round. Can you talk about what a difference it was between yesterday and today?
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, I just talked about it with my caddie. It doesn't really feel that much different. Maybe a couple more putts here and there, and actually, I played the par‑5s much better. I birdied all the par‑5s today. Didn't birdie them at all yesterday. That just makes a big difference. They're easy to hit good shots there.
Yeah, it was really solid, fun, and, yeah, I'm excited about that round. It was really stress‑free.

Q. Did you have a feeling coming into this tournament that you were playing well and that you might do something here?
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, it's been like that all year that I actually felt I'm playing pretty well, but I just didn't get the scores together. So I was excited to come here. I played well here my first year, and I played decent last year.
So I really like the course and I like the city, so I was excited to be back. I was just trying to be patient and waiting for just a good week where the putts drop and everything comes together. So far it's been fun.

Q. You hit every green but one, but you missed a bunch of fairways. Could you explain how that works?
CAROLINE MASSON: The fairways I missed, you're going to miss a couple here. But there was one bad drive and I made a great par on 3, but other than that, all the drivers were still right there, so no problem. Yeah, like I said, I was really solid. Even yesterday I only hit 13 greens, but I was putting 17 times. So, you know, not much stress, and it's always fun to play golf like that.

Q. Was any of it playing in the afternoon yesterday and playing in the morning today? The conditions were maybe a little more favorable?
CAROLINE MASSON: Well, yesterday especially on the back nine, it felt like the greens were actually firming up a little bit which you should expect, but it was just tough to get them close. Obviously, today was a little more windy, so probably evens out.
I handled the wind well and I played smart. Whenever I, I don't know, didn't have a great number or didn't want to go for it, I hit it in the middle and two‑putted. I really putted solid, and a great pace on the putts which is nice here, because you want to have tap‑ins and not stress about the ones coming back.
So, yeah, but overall yesterday and today and pretty similar. Maybe a little tougher even today, but if you're playing well, I guess it doesn't really matter.

Q. What kind of year do you feel like you're having?
CAROLINE MASSON: It's not been great. I had a great year last year and played really well in Asia. Kind of felt like we're going in the right direction. This year I felt like I was playing well, but, again, I didn't really score well. Whenever I had a chance to really have a good finish, I kind of screwed it up a little bit. So I'm trying to do a little better on that on the weekend this week.

Q. Being a Solheim Cup year, how much is that on your mind?
CAROLINE MASSON: A lot. Solheim Cup in Germany, at home, obviously, it's been on my mind a lot. I don't know, maybe not too much. It's not like you're out on the course thinking about that, but, overall, you feel the pressure that you want to be on that team. It's the only Solheim Cup probably that's going to be in Germany while I'm playing.
So it's two more tournaments, just this one and next week before they pick. I still have a chance to qualify. So I don't feel like I'm in a bad spot, but obviously I was really pumped about these two weeks and really wanted to play well. Like, luckily it's two weeks that suit me, I think.
Like I said, I always feel comfortable and I think next week's going to be fun too. I love Canada. So it's a lot of pressure, but I was just trying to really take it easy. If I play well, I think I'm going to be on that team, and if not, I don't deserve it, so I just want to look at it that way.

Q. What would it mean to you to play a Solheim Cup in your home country?
CAROLINE MASSON: Well, I mean, it's not everything, but it's a lot. It means a lot. For us, Solheim Cup means a lot, and obviously playing at home. I've been there last week and I've seen the course and I've seen what they're putting on there. It's massive. All the grandstands, all the tents, I mean, it's probably going to be the biggest Solheim ever.
It means a lot to me, obviously, to be on that team. But you can't think about it and you can't play with that being on your mind because it just puts too much pressure on yourself.
So I just feel like I was really relaxed out there. I was happy. My caddie kept me calm and he was talking to me. There was no room for any pressure or bad thoughts or anything, so I just want to keep it that way.

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