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August 14, 2015

Amy Anderson


Q. How was the golf course for you today?
AMY ANDERSON: I struggled a little off the tee on a couple holes and led to a couple bogeys, but I still rolled the ball really well. I take a lot of positives out of it. It's hard to follow up a hot round. So I'm just pleased, kind of, with where my putting is, and I want to go work on a couple things on the range for tomorrow.

Q. You were talking yesterday a little bit about you weren't sure what it would be like sitting on the lead for a night and playing the next day. What was that experience like for you?
AMY ANDERSON: Actually I was pretty peaceful and calm. I really, it's Thursday, you know, and now it's Friday. It's still early in the week, so I didn't really think too much about being in the lead on the first day. I was more focused on the things that I kind of wanted to work on my swing, and I'm still going to be focused on that for the rest of the afternoon.

Q. What are your thoughts on the course in general this week?
AMY ANDERSON: Course is great. It's playing really well. The greens are rolling good. There was a little more wind today, so we have to factor that in. It's in great shape though being out here.

Q. Do the windier conditions make it a little more difficult out there?
AMY ANDERSON: Just made it a little harder for you to give yourself birdie opportunities. You had to factor in the wind on the distances, so I was in between clubs a lot. Just makes it harder to judge it and give yourself really good birdie chances.

Q. With the forecast for this afternoon, are you glad you got out early?
AMY ANDERSON: Yeah, I mean, we got really lucky to be able to get done before the rain came. I don't know if it's rolling in now, but that's what it looks like, so happy to be done.

Q. What is your approach going into the weekend?
AMY ANDERSON: It's the same as it always is. I have been focusing on my stroke and my swing, and I know there are a couple things I need to tweak on both of them, so I always focus on the process and the results kind of take care of themselves. So if I can straighten out my swing, I'll be very pleased teeing it up tomorrow.

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