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August 14, 2015

Marcel Siem

Kohler, Wisconsin, USA

Q. Back-to-back 70s, how do you feel about your game?
MARCEL SIEM: It was pretty steady. Mentally I was in good shape. But today, unfortunately, I didn't hit my drives as consistent as yesterday. I was slightly easier today to play. I thought and I didn't give myself a lot of chances to hit it from the fairway.

So yesterday's round I think was better in these tough conditions, but grinded it out today, so I'm happy.

Q. At 4-under, you're only three strokes off or three strokes entering the weekend, how does that feel and does that change your approach at all?
MARCEL SIEM: In the past I was always chasing things and playing more aggressive to go for everything, and I'll just try to do the same stuff I did the first two days.

The bonus would be to catch a fish today. I haven't caught one fish in the last three days, maybe that will turn something around if I catch a fish, maybe I'll get a 3- or 4- under round in. So I just want to stay patient and do what I did the last two days.

Q. Is that one of the big appeals about being in the area, getting a chance to fish?
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah, it's awesome. I'm staying on the what is it, the lake. It's beautiful to swim as well there. The water is so clean and you actually see the fish swimming towards your worm, but they haven't bitten yet. But it's awesome, it as great place here.

Q. Do you think the distractions are helping you on the course, just being able to get away and totally detach?
MARCEL SIEM: I think it always helps. When your game's in good shape, you can easily overdo it on a Major because you want to do so well and you want to do the preparation and a bit extra than usual. The crowds are out there, I think it's important to get away a little bit and just chill out. And you can even swim there. I would love to do that right now, because my head is fried and my brain.

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