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August 14, 2015

Billy Horschel

Kohler, Wisconsin, USA

Q. Nicely done out there, 4-under par 68. How was it compared to yesterday afternoon? How was it out there this morning?
BILLY HORSCHEL: Man, completely different. I felt like we were playing in a dome out there today compared to yesterday. But it's obviously not the truth because the wind did blow, but it was nowhere near the intensity as yesterday. And I took advantage of it.

I played well, I hit some good shots and I actually struck the ball better yesterday than I did today. Today I just made some putts. I got away with some shots. I was just a touch off line.

Q. What was the key to the round?
BILLY HORSCHEL: Staying patient. I knew going into the round I was going to be able to -- the course was going to be gettable compared to yesterday. I just wanted to give myself enough opportunities to do that and, you know, I played really good on the front nine, struggled on 7, 8, and 9, and then played a couple holes good on the back nine.

But then I started just missing shots just barely. When you miss them just barely around here, the rough's really bad just off the fairway. I feel like I should miss it 30 yards off line, like some of the big guys do, so I get better lies. Because some of the lies I had were nasty. But I was, I put myself in good spots to recover from after that and it was just a patient round of golf today. I need two more of those this weekend to hopefully hold a trophy at the end.

Q. Obviously you got yourself in great position for the weekend. What are you going to need to do this weekend?
BILLY HORSCHEL: I just need to go back on the range. I'm hitting the best I have all year this week. I think that my tempo got a little quick out on the golf course compared to yesterday. So just go work on tempo a little bit, make sure the club's back out in front of me, it's something Todd Anderson and I have been working on. And keep trusting it. If I can keep my tempo good, I think I'm going to be swinging really well the last two days.

Q. You're a big Fantasy Football guy. Have you been doing your homework?
BILLY HORSCHEL: No, I actually got to call Chris DiMarco, I'm in his league and it's a big time league, and I got to see when they're having the draft and all that. I'm keeping an eye on things, I haven't done a ton of research, but next week my wife and my little girl are going home, so I'll have early in the week to research and be prepared to draft well.

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