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August 13, 2015

Alison Lee


ALISON LEE: The courses I grew up on in Southern California were similar to this, and similar grass, as well. Yeah, definitely this is a really nice course, and I feel like it fits well for my game.

Q. You missed the cut at the British Open a couple weeks ago. What did you learn from that experience?
ALISON LEE: You know, missing the cut at the British, it was definitely disappointing. I was really hoping to play well because I felt like I was playing well. That was my first time playing at a links golf course, and certainly playing under those conditions, coming from So Cal, even if we get a drop of rain, I'm like, nope, not today. It was really overall a good experience, so I'm really glad I was able to play in that, and I learned a lot from it. Obviously I didn't play very well, but it was a lot of fun, and I took a lot from it.

Q. You were playing some good golf heading into that with that top 10 finish at Meijer. How much has the Solheim Cup been a motivator for you the past few weeks?
ALISON LEE: Huge. I want it really bad. Yeah, I just want to play really bad. I've been thinking about it every single day for sure. I've been looking at the rankings every day and checking out my game every day and stuff. You know, I'm just going to embrace all the pressure that I'm feeling right now to make it and use it and play aggressively this week and next week and hopefully get things going.

Q. She mentioned playing with Christina Kim, and I know you guys are pretty close. Christina has played in a few Solheim Cups. Did she ever talk to you about it?
ALISON LEE: Not really. Right now I feel like it's a weird topic to talk about, especially coming into the Solheim Cup and she still obviously has a chance potentially to make it in if she plays well, so I didn't really feel comfortable talking to her about it because she's obviously my competitor, as well, even though she's a great friend. But I love her a lot, and she's super awesome. But yeah, right now it's pretty much war against all the U.S. players deep down inside.

Q. Definitely crunch time, and you technically have only had this last year to make up all the points, and like she said, kind of from Kingsmill on, you've been stepping up your game here. What's your game plan?
ALISON LEE: Well, I don't think I'll get in through points at this point. I'm way too far behind on points. But I have my eye on the Rolex Rankings, so if I play well here and play well next week, I can potentially move up a little and hopefully get a spot through rankings, and that's what I want to do. So yeah.

Q. What excites you about that match play?
ALISON LEE: I just love match play and playing in team events. Coming out of college, too, I haven't‑‑ I really miss it, and nationals became a match play event right after I left, so I missed playing in that. I mean, just playing in a team event, because you don't really get that that often in golf. You never get that except for in college or Solheim Cup and stuff. But yeah, I've played on the Junior Solheim Cup three times, and I used to always look up to girls playing in the Junior Solheim Cup‑‑ I played with like Jessica and Lexi my very first Junior Solheim, and then in my very last Junior Solheim, they played on the team. I feel like it would be really cool if I would be able to play on the team, and I know some of the girls playing in the Junior Solheim Cup, as well, so I feel like it'll be a circle coming all the way around.

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