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August 13, 2015

Amy Anderson


Q. Kind of go through your round a little bit. How did you feel out there today?
AMY ANDERSON: Yeah, I think one of the key things was just staying patient early. I had missed my first three greens and had to get up‑and‑down and made a really long par save on 3, and I think that really gave me a little bit of confidence, and then once I started making the birdies, I was behind the 8‑ball already. Just really putted well today.

Q. It's still early, but have you been in this position where you've led after a round?
AMY ANDERSON: No, I've actually never held the lead before, so this is a good learning experience, and I'm excited to kind of learn from it and just see what it's like out here.

Q. What's the two years on Tour been like for you?
AMY ANDERSON: You know, it's been a huge learning experience. It was a lot different than college. We just play so much more golf. We're on the road constantly, and that adjustment of trying to make‑‑ just to be comfortable with your swing week in and week out rather than playing a tournament, limping in and then going back to your coach, it's been difficult, but I've really enjoyed it 100 percent.

Q. Are you getting the hang of it?
AMY ANDERSON: I guess. Some days. Some days it doesn't feel like it.

Q. Now, you live in North Dakota?

Q. Who is the most famous female golfer from North Dakota?
AMY ANDERSON: You'll want to fact‑check in, but Bev Hanson was actually on the LPGA in like the '60s I want to say, and she was from North Dakota, so that was probably the most prominent female golfer to ever come out of North Dakota, so it's been a while.

Q. You've got a shot there.
AMY ANDERSON: Yeah, we're trying to represent.

Q. I read you won 20 tournaments in college?
AMY ANDERSON: Yep, correct.

Q. That's a lot of wins.
AMY ANDERSON: Yeah, it was. I was very fortunate. I had a great college career. I stayed close to home, which was not necessarily the obvious decision, but it worked out really well for me, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Q. That experience of winning tournaments, do you think that will help you out?
AMY ANDERSON: Yeah, it's always good. You have to learn to win at every single level that you're at, so for me it started at local tournaments, and then to national amateur tournaments, collegiate, and then also, I mean, I've won a couple professional events, but this is a whole other ballgame, as well. It's a process, and I'm just hoping to learn as much as I can from this.

Q. Incredible first round, 7‑under today, including five straight birdies on the front nine. Take us through that stretch. What was going on on that front nine?
AMY ANDERSON: Yeah, the real key, I think, was the three pars that I made early, and I missed all three first greens, and I was able to get up‑and‑down, made a huge par save on 3, and from that point when I hit it on the green, I made the putt. And so 5‑under on the front nine is obviously a great start.

Q. You're coming off the best finish you've had of the year so far and a tie for eighth at Meijer. What's been clicking for you the past weeks?
AMY ANDERSON: You know, it's been a couple of things. My swing has felt a little bit better than it did earlier in the year, and I've really been rolling the ball well, and when you put those two together, obviously that gives you a chance to shoot some low scores.

Q. And coming off your great amateur career, you're now in your second season on the LPGA Tour. What would it mean for you to break through and get that first win here this week?
AMY ANDERSON: Well, you know, that's always a goal. The biggest thing for me is the process of learning while I'm here. You have to learn to win at every level, and so for me it started at the local level, amateur, and then national as an amateur, and then I've won as a professional but not on the LPGA. Each of those it took a little bit, and you have to learn, and so I'm just really looking forward to what I can take out of these next three days and hopefully learn going forward.

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