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August 13, 2015

Brooke Henderson


Q. Can you talk about how you played?
BROOKE HENDERSON: It was a lot of fun out there today. I got off to a pretty fast start. I was 4‑under through the first nine, and really took advantage of the soft and scorable conditions out there this morning. The wind was very low and the greens were pretty soft considering they've been pretty firm the last couple of days. But with the dew still on the greens, yeah, it was very easy to throw a ball right at the hole.

Q. I think you were 6‑under after 12; were you starting to think really low score?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I was glad I was at 6‑under. Really, my sixth birdie was a tap‑in, so that is always nice. I knew I had some tough holes, 15, 17, 18 are probably some of the toughest holes out here, so I knew I had to keep playing well and finish strong.

Q. How did this one compare to that 65 you had? Was it close at all?
BROOKE HENDERSON: A little bit, yeah. I've had some great scores out here on the LPGA Tour. It's always fun to get off to a pretty fast start and see my name on top of the leaderboard. I just hope it's there on Sunday.

Q. Speaking of that, you've been in this position quite a bit this year already with Texas and Swinging Skirts. How much do you draw on those experiences going forward the rest of the week?
BROOKE HENDERSON: They're huge. They're really the start to my season this year and huge confidence boosters. I really learned a lot from those weeks there, and I think seeing my name on top of the leaderboard isn't quite as shocking as it once was. Like I said, I like to see it up there.

Q. Is it different when you Monday qualify into a tournament? Is the feeling different?
BROOKE HENDERSON: A little bit, yeah. I feel much more comfortable in the first round than I do lots of times because I've already played this golf course in a competitive atmosphere this week, and I think that really helped me. I know it's different when you're just playing practice rounds compared to when you're playing in competition, and I think Monday this week actually helped me.

Q. What types of things are you looking to find going forward?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I hit a lot of great putts which is normally where my weakness is a little bit. I'm going to work a little bit on pace putting this afternoon, and then I hit a couple loose shots just coming in, so I'll work on some irons later.

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