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August 13, 2015

Justin Rose

Kohler, Wisconsin, USA

Q. (No Microphone.)
JUSTIN ROSE: I think the first four holes are birdie opportunities, especially this morning, calm. Got a little unlucky on my lie in the bunker on 11 today. It was just the most awful rake job I have ever seen in my life. Actually couldn't even get out of the bunker. Left it in there and up-and-down for a bogey.

Then made a weak bogey at the 13th hole, I think it is. So, yeah, 2-over through 4 and obviously not feeling particularly good, but just reminded myself that I was 4-over through 11 when I won at Merion and bounced back from that.

So it was nice to birdie 14 straight away and take advantage of the par-5s, and then made a nice long putt at 17 to get it to under par for the round. So from that point I felt like I was back in the tournament.

Q. (No Microphone.)
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I just like to give the guys a challenge. No, Major Championships, I think I felt good today as well, I striped it off 1, hit a nice wedge shot in. So there wasn't any really, I would say, particular rhyme or reason for it. Always going to have a bad stretch in a Major weekend. Make a bogey or double. And you got to be resilient to win these tournaments. So whatever happens at the beginning or middle of the week, you got to suck it up and forget that and realize that you're not the only one making that mistake.

Q. Did you go back to the old putter?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, definitely I putted well today for sure. Made more mid-range putts, birdie putts.

And even last week in Akron, the first three days I actually holed out really well. Didn't do that on Sunday, but didn't really make any putts of any distance in Akron and it was nice today to start scaring the hole from 20, 30 feet. That makes a difference when you can steal one or two of those in around.

Q. Did you go to the old putter?
JUSTIN ROSE: No. The last three weeks, since The Open Championship, I used a different putter. I obviously had good results with it, but I was inconsistent with it. Putt well one day, not so great the next. I was beginning to fall into a bad habit with it. It was sort of dragging me too much inside on the back swing, so the balance of my old putter just seemed to work a bit better today.

Q. (No Microphone.)
JUSTIN ROSE: Oh, yeah, I've got thousands of putters. There's no doubt. But the last couple years I've settled on the one that I'm back to using, back using today and it's been good to me.

Q. (No Microphone.)
JUSTIN ROSE: No, 11 was right by the green. I was 15 feet from the pin. It was a pretty awful drop, to be honest with you. You can expect the odd bad lie in these bunkers, but that was one that you feel like is a legitimate bunker, yeah.

Q. The conditions got more difficult as your round went on?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I saw the forecast and I knew that this morning was going to be the time to take advantage of the scoring and, yeah, it's now pumping. It's going to be tough out there.

Coming in today, the 9th hole was playing tricky. 18's going to play very, very difficult into that breeze this afternoon, and even the downwind holes are going to be tough to control your wedges. So, yeah, it's not going to be as easy this afternoon for sure. But who knows, we'll probably get something similar tomorrow afternoon, but we shall see.

Q. (No Microphone.)
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, that's the perfect start, really. I think obviously when you go and shoot 7- or 8-, 9-under par in a Major in the first round, it's a lot of pressure to absorb for the rest of the week, because you're in contention. And I feel like that was, that was a great start for me after being 2-over and it's a platform on which I can build now for the rest of the week. You can never win it on Thursday, you can only lose it. That's obviously a good job done today.

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