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August 13, 2015

Brian Gaffney

Kohler, Wisconsin, USA

Q. Brian, I've been trying to think of like the adventure out here, but certainly whenever it looked like it was dark, you were able to bounce back. What did you take out of today?
BRIAN GAFFNEY: I think most definitely. The struggles I had were golf course driven. If I hit it in the rough, I was able to make bogey. I only got burned on the 18th hole. I hit a great drive. I hit a good 8-iron. Played conservatively. Had good yardage with a 9-iron. And I even hit it right on the nose or the wind wasn't quite there, but I ended up in the back bunker. And I didn't want it to turn into a disaster. But I hit a good bunker shot.

Nobody said anything, I couldn't see it, nobody said anything. When I got up there it was 50 feet off the hole. One of the guys said it looked like it had top spin. It sounded funny. So when I was going to the next tee, I was talking to my caddie, he said there's a big hack mark in the ball. That's not great, but you have to do what you can. I hit a good drive on the next hole and a good wedge in there close and made a good putt, the wrong read.

Q. 7 birdies today?
BRIAN GAFFNEY: I think so. And it's hard for me to separate from work, and I just know that there's so many people at Quaker Ridge, people that have supported me along the way, that have read their computer, living and dying by the birdies and bogeys. But obviously it feels good.

Q. I haven't been able to follow you in recent years. Am I correct that you've been able to bounce back from these holes in your career?
BRIAN GAFFNEY: I think so. I just need to be patient, that in my small world I'm a decent player. If I make a mistake, it's okay, and time will get me back on track. So that's what I tried to do.

Q. Obviously when you come into this championship in the past, don't let one day define you. Just hold it together. Whistling Straits, any difference in the past when you've seen it?
BRIAN GAFFNEY: I only saw it a few days ago.

Q. That was it?
BRIAN GAFFNEY: Sorry, I did see it maybe three weeks ago. We came out with three of my members, and we had a great time together and it was really helpful coming out with them because we played. We played golf and had matches. We got to see or I got to see how I hit it and how other people hit it. And that was very helpful.

Q. Today you called it golf course driven for the issues that you had, and that was because of the tee ball or a combination?
BRIAN GAFFNEY: I just got off the 9th hole, so on the 9th hole, I hit it maybe five inches into the rough. And I hit a lob wedge for my second shot, maybe 40 yards. There's no other options for me.

And I did that somewhere else, the 4th hole, I believe. I had no options. And I wasn't very far from the fairway. And I wasn't very far from some really light rough. I hit a wedge out, hit a wedge on the green, took my medicine, and made bogey.

Q. 71 today, is that the most adventure 71, considering the scoreboard?
BRIAN GAFFNEY: Obviously very helpful to make birdie. But deep down -- I hope that this reaches a lot of people and elevates why club professionals bring a lot of attention to this event, not just for how I played today, but just that there's so many people that will be following that would not necessarily be following. And that's exciting.

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