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August 11, 2015

Belinda Bencic


B. BENCIC/E. Bouchard
6-0, 5-7, 6-2

Q. Great match out there. Just wanted to find out what you took away from the match today?
BELINDA BENCIC: What's my feeling?

Q. Yeah. Your feeling about the match.
BELINDA BENCIC: Yeah. I mean obviously it was a very big fight on the court. I tried to fight as much as I can, and the first set I think it was very difficult for both, and we were both obviously very nervous. It's the first match on the big court, and I was happy I played my game there, and I was confident.
And after 0‑3 she stepped it up a little bit, and yeah, my dad came on the court now, so he coached me well. I had 5‑3, and it's not like I really choked or something. She really played well that moment, and it can happen sometimes in tennis that you lose a set after a lead, but I'm happy that I could really pick myself up in the third and fight till the end. So I'm happy about that, but I for sure need to improve my game.

Q. And Genie is obviously the favorite. She's Canadian. Just wanted to find out your thoughts on her game today, you know, the crowd supporting her today.
BELINDA BENCIC: Yeah, obviously the crowd was on her side, but anyway, I enjoyed the atmosphere, to play on such a big court was also fun for me. And I mean I really like it here really. I'm first time in Toronto.
Obviously it was very a lot of pressure on her right now, home crowd and everything. It's normal, and I think she fought really good, and I wish her definitely all the best for the next tournaments, and she's a great player. So yeah.

Q. What did you do after Wimbledon? How long was the break? How long did you leave the racquet in the bag, and when did you start hitting again?
BELINDA BENCIC: Yeah. I had 10 days off, so it was very nice time. I was also a little bit injured in Wimbledon, my knee, and the grass court was very tiring. I played a lot of matches. So I was happy I could get the rest, and I was a little bit at home with my friends and then I went with my mom and my grandparents on vacation some days.
And yeah, but you know, like the ninth and the tenth day like I really didn't know what to do, so I was happy going back to the court. And after I started practicing two weeks at home with my coach, Melanie Molitor, and yeah, then I came here.

Q. When you have those extended breaks with Melanie, when you can train day after day after day, do you talk about what the goals are for the rest of the year? I mean you're in the Top 20 now. Congratulations.

Q. When you look forward, do you have something specific you want to do the rest of the season?
BELINDA BENCIC: We don't talk about the rest of the season. We talk as always like next match, what I have to improve overall in my game, like not just this year, but all the time I play. So we really talked about that, and I think she was very happy after my grass season, and I tried to do a lot of things what she said to me. And it's very good because I trust her and Martina really 100 percent. So I think it's a good situation I have.

Q. Belinda, you work with Melanie; you work with your dad. You work with Martina. Maybe what aspects are each of them best at and how does that fit into making you the player you are?
BELINDA BENCIC: Yeah, obviously my dad started playing tennis with me. So I think he's the person who knows me the best and also knows like my feelings inside, and it's very good situation that I have him always around. So thank you. I'm very happy. It's like a speech here. Yeah. And then obviously there's Melanie, so she teach me all the technique and all the basics of my game. So that's also a big and important part. So always after the tournaments I go there to come back to the basics of my technique and everything, and then I have Martina on the tournaments to do the tactical part. She knows all the players and helps me really in the moment, in the situation, so it's like a great combo, I think.

Q. Belinda, maybe I'm not asking this at the right time in front of him, but I was wondering as you get older, what are some of the things that you're doing more for yourself, changes that you're making just in the way that you go about playing tournaments and training?

Q. Just taking sort of more responsibility of things that you do for yourself.
BELINDA BENCIC: Yeah, I mean obviously I'm 18 now. So I'm like‑‑ yeah, of course, you have a lot of responsibilities obviously on court. And I really learned through all the tournaments to be‑‑ to‑‑ how you say, like a lot in life, you know, how to travel, how to go in hotels. Really I'm like overall, so tennis is a really good life, like life school. And I'm very thankful that I got the situation that I have a great chance in life to make something big, and I really wouldn't want to do something else right now. So I'm pretty thankful.

Q. When you're sort of‑‑ when you're around your friends, what are the differences you notice between them and you just because you're traveling full time, you have a career, they're probably still in school?
BELINDA BENCIC: I mean there is no big differences. Off the court I am also a normal teenage girl. I do the things other teenagers also do, but it's just not my priority. And I think everyone has to decide in something‑‑ I mean in life or something, so just in their world, in the city where I live, they have their job and like school and whatever. But I think it's normal. I mean we talk about just the normal things. So it's not a big deal. I don't feel like a different person than them.

Q. And Belinda, what's the biggest challenge with playing Wozniacki?
BELINDA BENCIC: Obviously she brings really a lot of balls back, and she doesn't miss a lot. She makes you earn every point, so you don't get any free points. So that's the most difficult part with her. But the other part is she's like also mean, like power player. She doesn't kill every single ball. So it also makes it‑‑ it's like a good adaption for my game, and yeah, I know how to play against her. I have played her in Indian Wells. That was a good match. And Leesburg as well. And I'm ready for tomorrow, I hope.

Q. You're 18 years old; right? And you're around greatness, of course, Martina. You said that you didn't want to sort of look too far ahead, but like basically if you're at this level, obviously you have to; right? Just wanted to find out what is your ultimate goals in the sport of tennis.
BELINDA BENCIC: Obviously my dream, I mean as a kid when you start to play tennis, your dream is always being the best in the world or winning Grand Slams. But I really don't look that far because it just gives‑‑ it makes no sense. I mean it gives you extra pressure, and you really just have to focus on the next point. If you think too far, it's not too good, I mean at least for me, so I'm trying not to do it. But of course, I have a dream.

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