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August 12, 2015

Stacy Lewis


THE MODERATOR: Happy to be joined in the media center by Stacy Lewis here this week's Cambia Portland Classic. Stacy, what are your thoughts heading into this week?
STACY LEWIS: Well, I'm excited to be back. You know, I missed the tournament last year, but I think I finished second here the year before, so I have a really good memory coming back on a golf course I really do like. It's honestly one of my favorites we get to play now, so it's a great week.
I love coming to this area. I played well here in the U.S. Am, so I have a lot of good memories coming back here, and I'm excited where my game's at and things I'm working on. I felt like I made some good strides at the British, so just really ready to get going again.

Q. What is it you like about the golf course?
STACY LEWIS: One, the golf course is in unbelievable shape as it always is. The greens are fast, which is really a good test. You have to hit a lot of shots on this course. You have to drive it really straight, keep it below the hole, hit a lot of birdies. It's a really good ball‑strikers course, which I think sets up for my game pretty well.

Q. Two years ago I think you went the entire tournament without a bogey. Have you done that since or even come close?
STACY LEWIS: No, I haven't come close since. It's pretty unbelievable to do that. It is disappointing I didn't win the golf tournament, but it's one of those things that as the tournament went on you got thinking about it and then you do it. I think I went a 90‑something-hole streak there without a bogey.
So it's definitely something I'd like to do again this year. I think you can do it on this golf course, you just have to hit the ball pretty well.

Q. Then in 2015, how do you regard this year? You've had lots of top 10, but you haven't gotten that win. How do you sort of evaluate it?
STACY LEWIS: It's been really frustrating. I haven't felt like I've played my best golf at all. I felt like I'm in contention, but I felt like I haven't really played well. That being said, I feel like the last few weeks I've made some strides in that area.
But it's been frustrating. The golf game hasn't been there. I haven't had the confidence that I've had to really just go out and play golf. I've had to, early in the year especially, it was kind of manufacturing every day and just kind of getting through each round which is frustrating. It's hard golf to play. It's exhausting golf to play. So I'm looking, I think I have about ten tournaments left this year, and I still have a major.
I'm just looking to try to build on the next few weeks. Hopefully, what the good thing is I'm in a position where if I get a couple wins, it becomes ‑‑ a frustrating year becomes a really good year, so I like the position I'm in.

Q. You're wearing the Louise Suggs button on your shirt. What did Louise mean to you?
STACY LEWIS: Well, just, I mean, you look at our event, the Founders Cup, and I think that is honestly probably Louise's legacy. I think that tournament was honestly built from Mike's time of being around Louise and just seeing what the Tour meant to her. So I think that tournament will kind of be her legacy.
Just the way she impacted players after her and generations after her to hear Beth and Karrie kind of talk about the impact they made on her is pretty incredible, and to continue to do that with me and with other players. So the way that players give back to the next generation is Louise, and that's what she's done.
Even outside of the LPGA it's pretty cool to see the way people are celebrating her life and her career.

Q. KPMG and the PGA just announced a couple of new sites in Olympia Fields and Kemper. What's that say about the profile of that event? I know you've been a big supporter of it, and been involved in a lot of the decision making?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I've kind of known that this has been coming here for a few months. You look at those two venues, one, you've got the Chicago area, where we get some of our biggest crowds from Solheim Cup and International Crown will be there. So I think the clouds will be huge, and then you take the courses that have hosted men's majors and big events over the years, that's where we should be playing. We should be playing these big tournaments and these big sites.
So it's a big day for us to, one, to get those announcements, but to do it at the men's PGA Championship like we did this week, it's always good for that tournament and for our Tour.

Q. There's a kid named Gig Stoll who is a local amateur who is playing. She's talking about looking forward to seeing how you do stuff. You're the big No. 3 player in the world and all of that. Do you remember a situation like that when you were going up against a big‑named person and you kind of picked stuff up from them?
STACY LEWIS: I think the closest thing to that was in Arkansas when I played as a junior, I played with Christina Kim in a Pro‑Am. Little bit different today. Christina's pretty entertaining. I was kind of shocked a little bit. But just it's such a great experience though to see the way the professional handles Pro‑Ams and how they use that to prepare for the tournament and things like that.
So it's just a great experience. When it's happening and you get to play Pro‑Am events because it's just a learning experience and there is not pressure of earning your card or your status or any of that. It's just all about the experience and learning and seeing where your game's at compared to everybody else.
So I'm looking forward to playing with her today. I haven't heard too much about her. So looking forward to that. Who knows, maybe she'll be out here in a couple of years.

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