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August 10, 2015

Philip Bester


G. MULLER/P. Bester
6‑2, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What was the game plan going in and how did it all work out?
PHILIP BESTER: The game plan was obviously to try and take care of my serve, to basically use my weapons, play to win, as well as basically trying to get a read on his serve, try to get in as many return games as possible.
But the most important thing today was obviously serving well and trying to implement my game best as I could.

Q. You did hit a lot of good shots, a couple spectacular serves, returns, passing shots. Just not enough? How tough was he?
PHILIP BESTER: Yeah, obviously I had good moments. I know that I'm capable of those moments. It's one of the matches where I've kind of walked off confused‑‑ not confused, but trying to make sure I keep things in perspective in terms that I didn't think that I played bad.
Gilles came up with some good shots in big moments. So, you know, the scoreline says 2‑3, but in terms of how I played, I definitely thought I could have played better on bigger points. But, you know, it was just one of those days.

Q. You mentioned his serve. Clocked in a couple times up to 209. Was that something that was overwhelming?
PHILIP BESTER: I had no idea how fast he was serving. I was busy looking at the ball.
Yeah, obviously he has a huge serve. He uses variety really well. So, you know, I was in a few games there. I had my chances. I had two breakpoints. Unlucky on one of them, caught the outside of the edge. The first one I should have executed on. I feel that perhaps may have changed the momentum of the match from the beginning.
But, again, it was definitely tough to get a read on his serve. You know, I did my best to try and get back as many returns as I could.

Q. He's been playing fairly well lately. He's a very solid player. What impressed you about his game?
PHILIP BESTER: Well, again, obviously his serve. He's got a big serve. He hit some good shots in big moments. Credit to him, he found a way to win today.
It's not so much that I was too impressed by how he was playing. I thought I was there myself. He was just the better player today. I just got to have a short memory, move on, continue to do what I've been doing 'cause things at least from my end have been going well also.

Q. Where do you feel your game is right now?
PHILIP BESTER: I mean, obviously I've jumped pretty high in the rankings here. Lately I've had some good results. I feel good about my game despite the outcome of today's match.
I've got two events coming up here, Vancouver and the US Open, followed by some challengers towards the end of the year.
I feel good about my game. I would have loved to have done better here, but, again, it's just another tournament, another tennis match. Next week is another week for me.

Q. You hit a 214. Does that surprise you?
PHILIP BESTER: I've been hitting the gym (smiling).

Q. That's a pretty healthy serve.
PHILIP BESTER: I mean, if I hit it 214, I don't know what that is in miles per hour. I'm more familiar with that.

Q. Probably 130.
PHILIP BESTER: All right. Then I'm not as old as I thought I was (smiling).

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