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August 9, 2015

Justin Rose


Q. Before the round, if you kept doing what you're doing, stayed patient about things, you liked your chances. How do you assess the way this day went down?
JUSTIN ROSE: Early on, just that three-putt at No. 2 kind of got me feeling tentative with the putter. It all stems from that really. Had a hard day on the greens and could have, would have, should have. Played half decent today, it's no problem. The early three-putt, I guess, made me tentative with the putter. Even around the turn, I had a great chance at No. 10 for birdie, three-putted. Great chance at 11. Great chance at 12. I did enough tee to green, but even the putter was under pressure on the tee to green play. So it just stems from that.

Q. How do you try to fight through that from something early in the round, knowing you're still in the mix?
JUSTIN ROSE: I got angry with myself going down to 8 because I needed to just kick myself into gear. I was just seeing negative plays. The chip-in fired me up, and I felt like I really had a good chance going into the back nine. I've been playing good back nines all year long on Sundays and kind of putting a run together. Obviously, even birdieing 16, I had a chance. Then obviously, I knew Shane had hit in the trees down 18. So I'm assuming he might make 5 there. And when I'm playing 17, I thought I was still in the tournament. I kind of hung in there to the death, but the putter is kind of what held me back.

Q. What are the positives you take next week to Whistling Straits?
JUSTIN ROSE: I'm playing better than anyone in the world right no tee to green. I think it was 15 strokes gained over the field this week tee to green. So hopefully, it's a big boy golf course next week and the long game really helps me out. I just putt a little bit better and give myself another chance.

Q. Along with the man who was close, he got close, Justin Rose. You put yourself in position. Talk about your Sunday.
JUSTIN ROSE: Sunday sucked.

Q. I love the honesty. This is why we love him, man.
JUSTIN ROSE: The early three-putt just kind of got me feeling a little bit timid on the greens. When you're not seeing putts go in, it's hard. Kind of tried to fire myself up around the turn, and chipped in at No. 9. Great shot out of the fairway bunker to about 12 feet at No. 10. Three-putted there just to kind of really kick myself back in the you know what. From there, it was -- I fought as hard as I could today. Going down 17, I was -- what was I, 8-under? Bubba was in the club house at 9. Shane was 10 on the last, but in the trees. So I kind of felt like 9 might be a good number. With two holes to play, I could have had a chance still, but obviously great play from Shane.

Q. Going next week into the PGA Championship, how much confidence does a week like this give you?
JUSTIN ROSE: Obviously, you come off the golf course for the first ten minutes, you're disappointed and feel let down. If I look at the big picture, there's a lot of stuff happening. I'm playing well. The long game is in fine shape. Any time you go into a major, you need to lean on your long game a bit more than other tournaments. The putting has been good and bad and good and bad. I just need to find that consistency. I'm not slowing down about my putting. I've been working on things. Sometimes under pressure, it's hard to take those changes straight to the winner's circle. Maybe it's another week for me or another two weeks, but I'm trending in the right direction and working hard.

Q. Your strokes gained from tee to green was fantastic. Just be patient, let the putting come and maybe this Sunday sucked, but who knows about next Sunday.
JUSTIN ROSE: I'm saving myself.
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