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August 8, 2015

J.J. Henry


Q. Right where you want to be with 18 to play.
J.J. HENRY: Yeah. I tell you, this course, this place, is good to me. As I mentioned before, I love being here. I am fortunate enough to obviously win in 2012 and have bunch of other top finishes.
I just love coming and playing here. It's just a great place. Obviously a fun format. When you make a lot of birdies like I did today it makes it even more fun. I played with Jonas. We kind of fed off each other. He played great. It's nice to see the other guy you're playing with play well. Kind of feed of each other.
You know, tomorrow is another day, obviously. Still going to have to go out and make a lot of the birdies, and hopefully I continue to do that one more day.

Q. Have to be pretty confident.
J.J. HENRY: Absolutely, yeah. I've played well all week. Golf is a funny game. Never want to piss of the golf gods, right? Just got to keep your head forward and just enjoy it.
As I mentioned, I just love being here. It's a great place to be this time year up in the mountains, up in the trees, and it's a fun golf course to play.
I think there is a lot of local knowledge. I think that's why I've played well here in the past. The fact that you're at altitude, there is some wind, some elevation.
There is a lot figuring going on between Pete Jordan, my caddie, and I. We've kind of figured it out it look like, so hopefully we can do it one more time.

Q. Kind of rained a little bit off and on today. Did that affect you?
J.J. HENRY: Not really. Not really. Actually the temperature was ideal. It was perfect out there. It felt great. I think we're set up for another good weather day tomorrow.

Q. The scores have been really high. Is the course softer?
J.J. HENRY: Yeah. The reason why the scores are probably a little bit lower in year's past is just the fact that we had a little bit of that rain that softened it up so the greens are a little bit more receptive.
This place can get pretty tricky when the greens get firm. But, you know it you hit the ball in the fairway you're going to have some shorter irons playing at altitude.
With soft greens, you know, these guys are good. Somebody is going to play well, and fortunately it's been me so far after three rounds.

Q. Probably with David Toms it looks like tomorrow.
J.J. HENRY: Yeah, David is a great friend. We've played a lot of golf together. Obviously kind of looked up to David, just what he's done over his career. He's just a great guy.
Hits fairways and greens and plays steady golf. Obviously he's playing great as well. He's a good friend, so we'll have a good time tomorrow.

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