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August 8, 2015

Robert Garrigus


Q. Robert, not a great start, but, boy, you turned it on after hole No. 1.
ROBERT GARRIGUES: Yeah, my posture was off on the first hole. My caddie told me I was slouching a little bit. I chunked two shots. I chunked a 3‑wood off the tee. I never do that.
Fixed my posture on the second tee box, and then I just started striking it and rolled a lot of really good putts in today too, as well.
Had a lot of fun with P. Rodge. He's quite a golfer as young as he is. Enjoyable day. We had a lot of fun. A lot of crazy stuff happened out there today with Andres breaking his hand on the sign and then we're on the 18th tee box and somebody got ran over by a cart. A couple people got ran over by a cart.
So I was a little shaky on that 18th tee box. My heart was still in my throat. Somebody almost got really hurt, so...
But it was a great day. Birdied the last two holes, which was great. Better finish than yesterday; looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. How do you prepare for tomorrow?
ROBERT GARRIGUES: Just hang out with the kids and go have some fun and probably either have some pizza or pasta and just hang out and maybe hopefully watch a baseball game or something and just enjoy it.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
ROBERT GARRIGUES: No. I mean, it's never a lack of pressure. I actually kind of thrive on that. I need that to play well. Just haven't been there this year.
It's really nice to be in this position, you know, just a few points out. I like where I'm at and the way I'm swing it. Probably swinging it the best I have all year.
I need to get it to work tomorrow and need to get it done. Need to play really well tomorrow and win this golf tournament.

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