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April 15, 2005

Peter Lonard


TODD BUDNICK: We thank Peter Lonard for coming in after a 74 today, following up his 62 yesterday. I guess we'll call it a tale of two rounds. I mean, dealing with the wind both days, but today it was just a little bit more severe perhaps for you.

PETER LONARD: It was where I hit it (laughter). It was always going to be tough because it was cold this morning and it was windy probably from the second hole we played. You know, I was sort of thinking if I could shoot par or better it was a pretty good score. I had it pretty much under control until about the 4th maybe, something like that, and then I rolled off three bogeys, and that didn't do me any favors.

TODD BUDNICK: I mean, most guys that fire a 62 have a tough time coming back and shooting a good score, but today you had to deal with the wind, as well. Mentality-wise, was it just hard to keep that up.

PETER LONARD: No, I felt pretty good. We all know this course is a tough driving course and I didn't drive it as well as I did yesterday. You can even hit it on the fairway and hit it on the wrong side of the fairway and have to bend it around trees and stuff like that. There were a couple fairways that I missed, had to bend it around the trees, didn't get them on the greens, got them on the fringes but didn't get them up and down. You've got to drive them in the spots, otherwise you can't get close to the greens.

Q. How about putting today?

PETER LONARD: Putting was all right. I didn't kill anyone (laughter). It was pretty good. I obviously didn't hole as many putts as I did yesterday, but I hit a lot of good putts. Even those ones I bogeyed near the end there, I still managed to get the ball in just smelly little spots that it was hard to get them close, so the putting wasn't a problem; it was more the driving. I just didn't hit them on the right side of the fairways.

Q. Can you talk about your three holes, the three consecutive bogeys?

PETER LONARD: I've been trying to delete them for the last couple of hours (laughter). The 6th hole, I hit it off the left side of the fairway in the waste bunker, had to hit a 6-iron around a tree, hit it pretty straight, sort of pin high right, had to roll it across a ridge, chipped it to -- hit an ordinary chip to about ten feet, around the edge.

The par 3, 7, I hit a 6-iron, thought the wind was blowing right to left, hit it pretty much on-line and it didn't move, short sided myself next to the flag, chipped it to about five-foot, hit a good putt there, lipped out, probably misread it a little bit.

Then 8, hit a good drive down there, hit a little punch 5-iron in, caught the edge of the trap next to the flag and almost ran across into the hazard. I was sort of up against the wooden thing and chipped it to about 15 feet, didn't have any shot there, and I two-putted.

Q. Is something about this really discouraging and if so, how do you put it behind you?

PETER LONARD: No, it's not discouraging, I just didn't drive it good. I feel like if I go out to the range and sort my driver out and drive it a good bit tomorrow, I'll be back in with the show. You've got to hit greens out here. If you miss greens, it's hard to get it up-and-down all the time, and if you do hit the greens, you've always got relatively -- not straightforward birdie putts but good birdie opportunities because the greens are so small. If I can get the driver going, I'm fine.

Q. Is it indicative of the difficulty out here now that no one has made a big move on you?

PETER LONARD: Oh, yeah. Of course it's tough. It's getting firmer because the sun is out. Obviously the wind -- when we played 18 it was absolutely howling. When you get on this front nine, the wind is gone, but I'm sure it's still there. I was hitting my drive down 18 about 250 today, 250 yards. Most kids can hit it past 12 yards.

Q. Was 18 playing into the wind?

PETER LONARD: Straight into the wind.

Q. How about clubs do you think?

PETER LONARD: I hit driver, 4-iron just about 20 yards in front of the ladies' tees, didn't we (laughter).

Q. They kept the tees up?

PETER LONARD: They moved them forward from yesterday. I played with John Cook and Kevin Na and they both hit woods in there. It's a hell of a hole.

Q. (Inaudible)?

PETER LONARD: I don't know.

Q. What's the last tournament you won with a short putter and what was the first significant one you won with a long putter?

PETER LONARD: The first significant I won, one that I won with a long putter was when I was a club pro, I won the Australian Masters in '97. I won the South Australian Open and the ANZ Championship with the short putter. That must have been in year 2000 maybe, '99, something like that.

Q. So you have switched periodically these last seven years back and forth?

PETER LONARD: Yeah, I've stuck mostly to the broomstick. I went to the short putter after I had that LASIK stuff done to my eyes, and I used it for a couple years and then went back to the broomstick.

TODD BUDNICK: Let's go through the rest of your round, the bogey on No. 11.

PETER LONARD: Okay, the 11th, hit it down the left edge of the fairway, got it stuck behind a tree, hit a 9-iron to the front edge, chili-dipped a sand iron and two whacked it for a five.

12, I haven't got a clue what I did there (laughter).

13, I hit a 2-iron and a pitching wedge to about a foot.

Bogey on 16, actually hit it 15 feet above the whole there and three-whacked it, hit it eight feet past, missed the one coming back.

1st, I hit it in the right rough and had to hit it over the tree and plugged it in the front bunker, hacked it out of there, chipped it to about a foot, made bogey.

Par 5, 2nd, hit a 7-iron to about 30 feet, two-putted it.

4th, I hit a good drive down there, hit a wedge to about two feet, made that.

The next hole, the par 3, I hit it pin high but it run off the back. I hit a 7-iron, and I had to run it across the edge of the trap, and I three-putted that. Then we got the others.

End of FastScripts.

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