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August 7, 2015

Shane Lowry


Q. Shane Lowry, a 66 today. One of the secrets to that was five threes in a row through here. Second shot to 6, describe that for us.
SHANE LOWRY: I hit a good drive down 6 and a perfect 9-iron going 57. Ball is going a little bit farther this week. So I just hit a perfect shot in there and gave myself a good chance.

Q. Again, 15, a difficult pin to get to.
SHANE LOWRY: I hit a great 4-iron in there and managed to roll the putt in, which is nice. It was nice to make that.

Q. You played here for the first time here in 2009, when you won the Irish as an amateur. How different is Shane Lowry now the way he putts his way around this golf course?
SHANE LOWRY: I think at this stage -- in '09, I was 16. I'm a bit different. I'm hitting the ball a lot longer than in my youth. This is one of the courses where I came to when I just turned pro. When you come back here six years later, I definitely was better prepared than I was. My maturity is a lot better than it was as well. I can get the ball around the golf course better now. It's nice to be out here.

Q. I understand your brother Alan won the Mullingar Scratch Cup, which is a huge deal. Might you see him out here challenging you?
SHANE LOWRY: It was a great win for him. I was on the flight on the way over. He was playing in the final round, and when I landed I found out he won. As you said, it's a big tournament. Most of the guys, Irish guys that out here on Tour have won it. I did myself. I don't know. He's still in college. We'll see what he does after that.

Q. Great day. You tied the low score of the day, 66. I followed you for most of the day. Key par saves, however, though, on 13 and 14. Was that big momentum to get this back on track?
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, it is. I was going well. I was plodding around nicely. I was playing well. I kind of got sloppy enough towards the end. Managed, as you said, to make a great par on 13 from a really difficult bunker shot. I hit a great bunker shot to like ten feet and holed it. Then I hit a poor tee shot on the next, and I managed to make par there as well. So it was nice to make a couple of pars when things aren't going your way. That's the key to success in this game. It's not when you're playing well. It's kind of when you hit a couple of sloppy shots, you need to be able to get up and down, and I did that today.

Q. Great birdie on 15. Then you get to 16, the monster. It looked like you were potentially waiting for the green to clear. At any point, were you thinking of going for that? Because you were talking for a while there.
SHANE LOWRY: No, actually, because I don't have a 3-wood in my bag this week. I just have the 5-wood. I had 290 front, so it was never a question for me. It was always a layup. I left my layup too far. But I left myself a nice little pitch shot. I hit a decent shot. I thought it was going to be closer when it was in the air. I was a bit disappointed. As well as those three putts on the last three holes, if I had holed one or two, it would have been nice. I'm sitting nicely and looking forward to the weekend.

Q. Right now you're in the final group tomorrow with Jim Furyk if it all stays put. What's your game plan for the next 36 holes?
SHANE LOWRY: Hit a driver on every hole and just take it from there and see what happens.
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