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August 7, 2015

Shane Lowry


Q. Just give us your assessment of the round today.
SHANE LOWRY: I suppose I played -- if anything, I feel like I played better yesterday. I just managed to hole a few putts today. That was key. A couple of good par saves on the back nine. Like I said, I rolled a few in from 10, 15, 20 feet. It was nice not to be grinding out there. And just like yesterday, I played as good as I played all year. I drove the ball long and straight. I'd say I probably had nine or ten wedges into holes yesterday and didn't capitalize at all. So it's nice to go out there and shoot a decent score.

Q. Shane, you played well on a lot of tough courses this year. Why do you think that is? What part of your game helps on tough courses like this?
SHANE LOWRY: If you look at my career so far, I tend to play well on tough courses, when we have a high winning score. Every year around winter I tend to do okay. I used to like it when we played at Valderrama. When pars are good and you pick off a few birdies, I tend to like it. Out here it's all about driving the golf ball. I feel like I'm driving the ball well at the minute. I'm hitting it long and straight, and I just hope I can do that for another two days.

Q. Have you had the pleasure of playing beside Jim Furyk at this stage in your career?
SHANE LOWRY: I actually played a practice round with him at The Open, well, a few, five or six holes with him at The Open. No, not yet. Hopefully, I'll get out there in the last group tomorrow, and it will be a nice one. Tick another one off the list, final group on a Saturday at WGC. It's kind of nice. I feel like my game is good enough to go out there and repeat this again.

Q. How do you feel like the golf course is playing? A lot of guys are talking about the course playing tough?
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, it's playing tough. If you hit it into the rough, it's very tough. I hit it into the rough a couple of times coming in, and I got a couple of bad flyers, like on 18. 8-iron went about 190 or 200 yards or something. It's just tough. You've just got to -- my game plan this week is I've left my 3-wood in my locker, and I put an extra wedge in because the greens are so firm. I just plan to hit driver on every hole and hopefully give myself a few chances.
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