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August 6, 2015

Justin Rose


Q. Tell us about your round.
JUSTIN ROSE: My round was pretty much all in the first six holes today. I got out of the gate incredibly quickly. Before my round, I realized the course wasn't yielding low scores today, and I almost surprised myself to get off to such a quick start. Almost had to play patiently for the rest of the day. Drove the ball pretty well. Gave myself opportunities to make a lot of birdies, but just had a hard time getting it close really on the back nine. Some balls were going very far. I don't know if it's the heat, but some were just really -- it was tough to judge the distances of your approach play. The greens were potentially somewhat inconsistent. Some with soft, some were firm. So it was quite hard to dial in your approach play. Very happy with my start. Obviously 3-uder on this course sets you up nicely for the week. Yeah, a perfect start.

Q. How different was the setup compared with previous years? Very bouncy and gnarly? I believe gnarly came up.
JUSTIN ROSE: I had bouncy in my mind. There were a couple of areas, a couple of crustier higher spots on the green that were firm. There were other spots that weren't really that firm. You could still be quite aggressive. I was surprised this afternoon how much moisture stayed in the course. Obviously, this morning guys weren't going low, so I figured it was going to get progressively harder as the day went on. I think the greens grew a little bit through the day. They weren't particularly quick. I'm sure tomorrow morning they'll be very fast. It's great to see this course play this way, though. You've got to be very strategic. I think we know the course so well in somewhat soft conditions, and many so times you can get the ball up and down with short siding itself. It's going to be much harder to get it up and down short siding.

Q. 16, how did you play?
JUSTIN ROSE: 16, good drive, just rolled into the left rough, laid it up. Got caught up in one of those false edges. The pin was right next to a little false ridge. Hit a good wedge shot into six feet right of the pin, but trickled off the green, and up-and-downed it. So standard.

Q. I don't have a good follow. Just seems like no matter how close you are, it's not easy --
JUSTIN ROSE: It's definitely a tough uphill green, that one. It's always tough to read the putts on that green, more than anything.

Q. Are you surprised they don't ever move the tee up to give everyone a fair shot, or are you glad they don't? So the big guys only have a fair shot at it.
JUSTIN ROSE: To be honest with you, if that green gets more firm, there's not much value in going for it. You're not going to be able to keep it on that green. But absolutely, I think it's such a demanding shot. Guys who can't carry those right bunkers off the tee, it's such a penal hole if you hit in those right traps, and you've got to hit something out 150 yards, and you're going in with a 4-iron third shot. I guess get everybody down there where they can hit the 4-iron into the green, it makes it a fun hole. I think occasionally they get it up to the front of the long tee box, and the long hitters can kind of hit that drive that takes off down the second hill.
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