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August 6, 2015

Zach Johnson


ZACH JOHNSON: I got it to 1-under coming in, and hit a really bad shot on 17. But the first nine holes, I mean, I know I doubled nine, but I'm 2-under going through nine, and I feel like I could have been 3-over. All said and done, that's probably about what I deserve.

Q. It's tough to only find one more birdie after that start. You birdied the first two, and then there was only one more the rest of the day.
ZACH JOHNSON: I had some chances. I had some wedges. I had a lot of wedges. Didn't execute properly. Didn't hit them where I should have. I missed some putts. I had a couple of 8- to 12-footers that I didn't capitalize on. But I hit two good wedges on 1 and 2 that left me essentially tap-ins. I've got to hone my wedges in and my driver. I did not hit a driver on the fairway until my 10th tee. So that's pretty good considering that's where I need to -- that's usually my strength. The only fairway I hit on the front nine was a 3-wood on 1.

Q. Is there a difference coming off a -- pardon my math -- three-week break --

Q. -- that you take during the year anyway. Two-week break. Coming off a break, is there any difference when you just had a break versus when you're coming off a major?
ZACH JOHNSON: Is there a what, though?

Q. You take breaks all the time, I guess, and then you just come back again. Is it any different when you're coming back from a major?
ZACH JOHNSON: There can be that so-called rust and that kind of thing. But, if anything, I feel fresh and ready to go. That's kind of the way I see it. I think two-week breaks during the middle of the season -- I guess we're toward the end of the season. I enjoy them. It's hard to get a lot of rest in one week personally. And then after a major like that, then there's even more stuff going on, there's more obligations and/or opportunities. So all in all for me, two weeks, I could have gone three, and I'd have been fine too. I think I've got a good formula for coming back, whether it's a one, two, three, four-week break. I usually take a lot off in that January/February range too. I just enjoy that.

Q. Was there any fear of not being able to bounce back?
ZACH JOHNSON: I'm sorry. I can't hear you guys.

Q. Given what you accomplished, is there any fear of difficulty coming back?
ZACH JOHNSON: No, not at all. If anything, I was pretty confident coming back overall, especially with the putter. I mean, I felt great. I think we're playing a golf course that's in perfect condition right now, almost extreme condition, but it's ideal condition. It requires your full attention on every shot. Two weeks off or even just being a little bit off, you're going to see it. I think that's what I experienced today. For the most part, I probably could have got it in under par, truth be told. I might have got a few breaks on the front, and the back side, I played pretty steady with the exception of one hole.
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