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August 6, 2015

Billy Hurley III


Q. Billy, great playing today. 12 points. It's a great start. You're one of the guys in the field that's battling to get inside the top 125 and make the FedExCup Playoffs as well as your status for next year. How important was that round today?
BILLY HURLEY III: It's always nice to get off to a good start in the first round, and we're going to need a couple more good rounds, like you said, this week, try to get into that 125 going forward.

Q. What was the key out there for you today? Beautiful golf course. We're at elevation what was the key for you on the golf course today?
BILLY HURLEY III: Hit a lot of good tee shots. Got the ball in play. Hadn't had a lot of scoring clubs because of that. Probably the kickstart to the round was I chipped it in on 12. I had a really bad 9‑iron long left on the green and chipped it in. So that got kind of going a little bit with the birdie instead of what looked like a bogey and that kind of thing.
So two points instead of one the wrong way. And just kept plodding along and kind of lulled a little bit in the middle of the round. Made a couple of sloppy bogeys but finished with three birdies. That's a good finish, six points.

Q. A lot of people have been following the story of your father and what went on with him last week. Do you have an update for us?
BILLY HURLEY III: We don't have any update. We don't know anything further at this point.

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