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August 2, 2015

Marc Warren

Aberdeen, Scotland

MARC WARREN: Yeah, it's been a really good week. Obviously match play, you never know what can happen. A lot kind of happens to you during the course of the week. Obviously coming into today, hoped for better, but came up against two good opponents. Played a little bit better this afternoon personally than I did this morning. Not too many complaints about this afternoon's match.

Q. A nice competitive match in which to finish, wasn't it?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, there was quite a lot of birdies this afternoon, whereas personally I didn't have one birdie this morning. Wasn't very exciting. But I think, like I said, this afternoon's match was good. A few birdies towards the end, as well, which makes it more fun.

Q. A nice plus is the rise in the World Rankings and what that entails?
MARC WARREN: Absolutely. That was a possibility at the start of this week to qualify for the Bridgestone next week, another WGC and obviously delighted to hopefully be in that. It's not confirmed yet. Wait and see the rankings tomorrow morning.

But as far as myself goes, that's as much as I could do this week. So really pleased with the effort I've put in.

Q. And after seven rounds of golf in five days, that means, you're not going to have a chance to rest. You're going to the United States now.
MARC WARREN: Yeah, looking forward to a day off tomorrow. I've booked a flight for Tuesday, so that will give me a day off tomorrow, rest up, or two days rest, hopefully. A little bit of practice Wednesday, play a few holes, try to get used to the course as quickly as possible.

Q. Your first time for the Bridgestone but presumably one you'll look forward to?
MARC WARREN: Yes, I feel as if I kind of know the course a little bit, watching it so much on TV. I go there with obviously limited knowledge of the golf course not having been there myself, but I know a few of the holes. Just try to get used to greens and different grass, etc., as quickly as possible.

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