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August 2, 2015

Marc Warren

Aberdeen, Scotland

MARC WARREN: I was absolutely perfect, no physio this morning. It was just a wee bit of tightness. By the time I was warming up, hitting balls, it was good. Obviously had an absolutely terrible day. I don't think I hit the middle of the club once, which is a novelty. A day where I didn't deserve to go any further with that sort of performance.

Take it on the chin, move on. Try to go spend a wee bit of time on the range and try to find something for this afternoon. World Ranking points to play for this afternoon. I also feel as if the last couple of holes, I made a couple of better swings, so hopefully find a swing thought or feeling that I can play with this afternoon. Try and at least not hit provisionals off every tee.

Q. How many did you hit?
MARC WARREN: The last two drivers, the last I hit, 13 and 14. Actually I was going straight to the 14th tee to be honest. Where the first one went, I had no idea. I had resigned myself to losing that hole and scarped a halve. He was in a decent position on 14 and ended up in the hazard and in the bunker. I thought, maybe if I can scrape one back, I could make take it down the last or something. But it was not really going to happen. No birdies at all today; not going to come out on top very often.

Yesterday afternoon wasn't the best. It wasn't bad but it wasn't that great. Wasn't hitting it very close. Wasn't hitting it really off line either. And then just obviously maybe technically not quite on song and out of sync, as well, so coupled together, just wasn't great. For the first tee shot, was a bit of kind of duff-slanky kind of shot down the left with a 4-iron. Won the first hole actually. Had a really good up-and-down. But lost ball at the second.

Just wasn't the best performance but maybe mental fatigue, physical fatigue, whatever. I don't know. Just didn't play well enough.

Q. Do you go Tuesday --
MARC WARREN: Tuesday going to fly. Tomorrow going to have a day at home and just chill out, rest up a wee bit. See Laura and the wee man.

Q. You've done well in America the last two or three years. Must be exciting to go over there for these two very big events.
MARC WARREN: Obviously first experience of Bridgestone next week. Watched it on TV everything and else. Looks like a great golf course, so looking forward to seeing that and playing there. And week after looks like a great golf course again. So two good weeks coming up. Three weeks, playing Denmark, defending there.

Today was a bit of a blip but this week, the last couple weeks, I feel as if my game is in really good shape. Just a matter of maybe resting up and get it back in sync for the next few weeks coming up.

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