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August 1, 2015

Justin Rose


Q. Justin Rose, 6-under, 65 in Round 3. Are you happy with that score today?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I'm happy with it. I'm not going to lie, a couple better would have been lovely. I think the only hole I would love to play again is 15. 15 is a birdie hole with a front right pin location. Hit in the bunker off the tee and missed it in a bad spot. I couldn't get up. I played a pretty flawless round. Very happy with the progress I made from yesterday.

Q. You're the defending champion. Right now only 3 back. Are you close enough if the scores stay that way?
JUSTIN ROSE: I'm anticipating probably somebody getting to 15. It's going to leave me in a position tomorrow I at least have a chance. Today was low enough I have a shot at glory tomorrow with a low round. It's going to take something I would imagine in the realm of 63.

Q. Lot of players wear sunglasses. You are one of them. I notice these are very colorful today.
JUSTIN ROSE: This is stepping outside the box for me. I did see the frame and thought why not, why not try something different? Wearing glasses is very important for me normally with my allergies and hay fever and stuff like that. At The Open Championship I really struggled when the wind was blowing, my eyes were watering. Obviously the UV rays were out so much, to protect your eyes is pretty important. For the most part allergy-related.

Q. With Justin Rose who needs no introduction. Certainly we will introduce you. 65 today, an outstanding round. You looked really good out there?
JUSTIN ROSE: Today was a fun round, actually. Yesterday I had a huge struggle, trials and tribulations. I putted terribly yesterday. I spent a lot of time out here last night, I had my putting coach on the putting green. Worked on a few things that turned around for me today. I putted very solidly. Very few putts I missed. These greens are very fast. Yeah, really happy with the score.

Q. You and a lot of guys moved on moving day. Was it something with just the environment that's out there that made it receptive to you guys making moves today?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah. There's no wind out here right now, greens are soft. Kind of playing good. The greens are perfect. So, you know, obviously when you have that sort of formula -- the course is not easy but when you have the best players in the world playing well on soft greens and quick greens you're going to get a lot of birdies.

Q. Defending champ, I don't believe you're not playing with a lot of confidence. Someone with your resume always has confidence. You're 3 back right now. Can you get it done tomorrow? Are you close enough to make a move tomorrow?
JUSTIN ROSE: Maybe, yeah. Obviously there's still some holes left out there. The guys still have an opportunity to post 15 will lead by the end of the day. What am I, 11? I've won tournaments from four back before and it's going to take something very low for me. It's out there. Probably 63 tomorrow.

Q. You missed a couple today. I know you talked about you left some out there as well today.
JUSTIN ROSE: You always leave some out there. No matter if you shoot 63 or 74 you always leave some out there. The only hole I would love to play again is No. 15. I think that's a birdie hole today where the pin placement is. That's obviously only hole.

Q. Two final questions. One, the course -- I should say the host is excited, Tiger playing well yesterday, not playing well today. Little surprise with, again, this course being receptive that he's struggling a little bit?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah. I haven't seen what he's doing today at all. I didn't pay much attention to the leaderboard today whatsoever so I'm --

Q. Plus-3 right now.
JUSTIN ROSE: It would have been fun to have him contending in his own tournament again. He has a great record here. It was encouraging to see him play well the first two days. Frustrating day for him, I'm sure
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