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July 31, 2015

Billy Hurley III


BILLY HURLEY, III: My dad has been found. He's safe, he's alive, he's in Texas and I just want to say thank you, like we couldn't have done this, he wouldn't have been found without the help of the PGA TOUR and the Golf Channel and the Greater Golf Media and all the articles, all the TV spots that were run. Thank you so much for helping us find my father. We don't know what comes next at this point. We just wanted to say thank you very much for helping us find him, I mean the public, the law enforcement, all the media throughout the country. My family and I are incredibly appreciative for helping us be able to find him. Ironically, he was found in a public library watching me play golf on a computer. So, everything that you guys did is -- we can't express how thankful we are for that.

Q. Billy, when did you find out? What was your emotional reaction?
BILLY HURLEY, III: I knew something was going on. I was trying to make the cut and I'm being followed by a TV camera. That doesn't really happen on the PGA TOUR, right? So, you know, I mean I knew you guys would want to talk to me and all that stuff. Maybe I just knew that was a part of it or whatever. I saw one of our security officials behind the 18th green and I kind of say okay, something is up. He told me he had been found. My family gave more details after I signed my card.

Q. Do you have any insight as to why your father --
BILLY HURLEY, III: It's all speculation, Todd. As this point we're not going to speculate about what's going on.

Q. What's next for you and your family?
BILLY HURLEY, III: Kind of more speculation there. I did make the cut. So, I think that I'll try and continue to play this week. I don't know what I'm going to do as far as next week. This is kind of a weird time where I don't really have the luxury of taking a week off as far as keeping my card and all that stuff but we'll see. Got another couple hours before I got to make a decision committing to next week. I'll try and finish the week and hope that he's watching tomorrow.

Q. If there's something you could say to your father right now, what would it be?
BILLY HURLEY, III: "Dad, I love you and we want you to come home." That's the bottom line. "We just want you to come home.
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