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July 31, 2015

Marc Warren

Aberdeen, Scotland

MARC WARREN: I played really good, really solid tee-to-green again. Finished off with two really good putts on 15, 16. But feel as if --

Q. Distance?
MARC WARREN: Probably about 12 feet, both of them. But outside of that, I holed a good putt for birdie on 12, that par 3. I was about eight, ten foot maybe. And outside of that, I never really holed anything.

So I feel as if my long game was really good. Wasn't giving anything away tee-to-green, and then obviously going up against a tough opponent again who played really well. A couple of shots, to be fair, he had one or two bad bounces and one or two shots which looked as if they were going really close. Just obviously tough to hit it pin-high today. A really good match I thought in the end.

Q. You said yesterday when I heard somebody ask you, were you under pressure of being Scottish No. 1, and you said, the pressure is on Paul. Now that he's gone, what are your thoughts now?
MARC WARREN: I think when you get by the first round, all the pressure kind of goes away. But no, I wouldn't have said any more or any less pressure. Just try to beat my opponent. If I play well and he plays well and he beats me, then fair enough. We've seen that yesterday, perfect example of that, and again today. I think we both played well again today. Just holed a couple kind of crucial putts in the last few holes to get through.

Q. You'll have a tough opponent tomorrow; Colsaerts tomorrow.
MARC WARREN: Colsaerts, aye, obviously really good match-play record. Won a match-play tournament before. Ryder Cup experience. Yeah, it will be a really tough game.

But like I said, I feel as if I'm playing well, so if I can keep that kind of standard tee-to-green, maybe hole one or two more putts, then hopefully a good match again.

Q. There was talk during the week that you do seem to thrive in match play, and once again, two days, that's been born out, isn't it.
MARC WARREN: Yeah, I enjoy the format. Talking about pressure, the format kind of takes the pressure off you I suppose, because literally, there's nothing -- if your playing partner plays well, there's nothing you can do.

And you know, we've seen the amount of guys that went out yesterday, scoring not that great, or guys going through scoring not that great, and some guys getting knocked out scoring well. It's a little bit of the luck of the draw and a little bit of timing, as well. You hole one or two putts at the right time can make a massive difference.

Q. Fancy your chances for the weekend now?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, I feel the last two days I felt really comfortable with my golf swing, obviously having to hit a lot of different shots in these conditions. Like I said, I feel as if tee-to-green, I hit a poor tee shot off the second today. I think that's the only bogey I've made in two days. I've given very little away tee-to-green, which on a golf course like this, when it's as windy and tricky as this, is the key to this golf course, and the key to match play, as well, I think.

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