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July 31, 2015

Johan Carlsson

Aberdeen, Scotland

Q. What are your thoughts on a nice victory over the top seed?
JOHAN CARLSSON: Yeah, that was good. I knew it was going to be a tough day today meeting James. He's been playing well for a while. So I just went out there and still tried to focus on my game.

But I know that it had to be pretty good today in order to beat him, which he showed on the last. I thought I had him in a box, I would say, there when I played really well. I was 5-up, but then he came back with some fantastic shots, a couple birdies and almost made birdie on 17, as well. If you let a little bit to him, he'll take it all. That's why I was happy to have a chip and a one putt on the last.

Q. Is the heart racing when somebody is coming back at you and you've been in control?
JOHAN CARLSSON: I was calm the entire day pretty. I had a pretty good start I think. I just kept going and was playing well and I was very calm. Then I had a 5-footer for the win that I missed. But I wasn't expecting him to make that long putt that he made.

So I was kind of standing there feel pretty good about myself and all of a sudden, whoa, did he make that putt. All of a sudden it was game on again, so I had to get back in the game, and took me a couple of holes, but I'm happy.

Q. Essentially that's the nature of match play. Do you like it? Do you relish this format?
JOHAN CARLSSON: I love it. Especially since we play stroke-play all the time, and when you get a match-play tournament, it becomes very special.

Q. What are your thoughts on the next round? You're playing Robert Karlsson?
JOHAN CARLSSON: He was telling me that before. That's actually real fun in one way, but in another way, it's not as fun. I'll definitely go out there and give him a good match.

Q. I take it you know him reasonably well at least?

Q. And you'd have seen him growing up, as well.
JOHAN CARLSSON: He was going back -- five years or so, he was someone I looked up to and still look up to. He's a great player. He was up there on the Tour doing well and here I am meeting him in a match play. It's amazing how quick things can change.

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