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July 31, 2015

Chris Doak

Aberdeen, Scotland

Q. What are your thoughts on knocking out the host?
CHRIS DOAK: It's fantastic to beat anybody, but Paul being such a good player and being the host, a little bit extra special I guess.

Q. Proud of the way you've played?
CHRIS DOAK: Yeah, I've not really played my best and Paul certainly never played his best today. But I'm getting there and building confidence, which is the main thing. Good to go to the next round.

Q. Good to have all those supporters following you, as well?
CHRIS DOAK: Yeah, I think it was all Chippy's extended family. It's always good to have home support. I just love the links course. It's nice to be here.

Q. You're into the last 16 in what is likely to be a big event on The European Tour?
CHRIS DOAK: Let's hope; it's just great to play match play. Long may it continue. It's a fantastic event.

Q. What is your match-play experience?
CHRIS DOAK: It's been years since I've played it. But I mean, it's that type of game, isn't it. You can shoot 4-over and win and 5-under and lose. It's definitely an enjoyable format.

Q. Does it bring out the best in you?
CHRIS DOAK: I think it brings out the fight in you. Just kind of refuse to lose kind of attitude. And it's paid off over the last couple of days.

Q. We probably haven't seen you at your best across The European Tour season, have we, but it's nice to be up there in prominence?
CHRIS DOAK: Definitely never seen me at my best this year but hopefully it's coming. Still a long way to go, and you know, keep going in this tournament and you never know.

Q. What was your thoughts when you hit that tee shot at the last? Did you think it was lost or OB?
CHRIS DOAK: Just a weird, weird shot.

Q. Did the hand slip on the grip?
CHRIS DOAK: No. I don't know, I'm changing my swing, my all-around playing -- it was just a weird shot. In the bunker, it was really lucky. I mean, going down the repair bunker. I thought it was one of the bigger ones. I saw the refs and thought it must be that. I said, let's just see. Me and Chippy were a fair distance apart.

Q. Why did you hit a provisional?
CHRIS DOAK: I thought it was out-of-bounds. It was just going in the wind. I thought, that's that. I'm always going to hit provisional anyway if I'm not sure. Good to see it go on the green.

Q. The second shot, what distance was it?

Q. You holed some crucial putts out there. The one on 17, the birdie, the par 312th or something like that.
CHRIS DOAK: Yeah, he holed quite a long one and I guess that's the beauty of match play, isn't it. Somebody can be excited to think about holing a wee sneaky one.

Q. The one on 17 was a good 4 you made there wasn't it?
CHRIS DOAK: Yeah, again, probably similar swing as 18 but not as bad. Very good next two shots, but the putt was the main thing I guess.

Q. Your thoughts on knocking Paul out?
CHRIS DOAK: What he's done is fantastic for the tournament. Like to see him here for the weekend but I guess that's not to be. He's done great for the tournament. It's fantastic, this kind of venue and format.

Q. Maybe look for a strong finish to the season; another couple of wins here would be nice towards that I would have thought.
CHRIS DOAK: Definitely, another four would be the win. But hopefully I can sort it out on range and go further. Putting and chipping is a lot better. So I guess that's maybe more important in match play.

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