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July 30, 2015

Ernie Els


Q. Ernie didn't even think he would tee it up today. Yesterday you pulled out of the Pro-Am. You actually went to the hospital. You thought you had a kidney stone. What was the diagnose?
ERNIE ELS: Nothing. I got an L-10. That's my normal problem. And normally the pain shoots into my left side and the pain was kind of on the -- on my back and went to the right. I thought maybe it's a kidney stone. Pretty sure. I guess I'm just a wuss. They say kidney stones are really, really painful. Luckily nothing wrong. Tom in the fitness trailer is working on me. A muscle spasm.

Q. You swung beautifully out there today. You shoot a 64. That's the lowest number you shot on the PGA TOUR this season. What does a round like this do for your confidence?
ERNIE ELS: Yeah. I haven't played with a lot of confidence. You can't play this game without, I think, confidence. I didn't have the most perfect warmup into the week. I felt good this morning and my putter felt great. I kind of like the course. Just a little bit of patience and experience. Played quite nicely.

Q. Congratulations on a great day. Be aware of the injured golfer.
ERNIE ELS: Thank you. Really in a bit of pain yesterday to the point where I actually thought it might be a kidney stone, you know. I've had a lot of kind of pains in my life but yesterday was quite severe. Thankfully it wasn't. It's just a bad spasm. Guys kind of worked on it. It felt better today. I think the heat also helped.

Q. Kind of almost be aware of the injury golfer a little bit today?
ERNIE ELS: I think so. Took a lot of pressure off me. I need to, you know, climb quickly there on the Fed Ex. I didn't feel like really nervous today. I felt like anything is a bonus. I didn't think I was going to play so that's the way I played and, you know, hopefully I can keep going like that.

Q. How much do you remember from your last trip here, it's been almost 20 years now? A Yeah. Yeah. My last trip was in 2000. I didn't play 2005. I had a bit of a knee injury. Yeah, I mean it was great coming back. Wouldn't say it's the greatest of memories. We got beat, you know, quite a few times but we did enjoy the golf course and I still enjoyed it today. The greens were wonderful. The course is in great shape. For you, Retief and Leonard, what about this course kind of sets up more experienced guys to put up some good numbers?
ERNIE ELS: I'm not sure. I'm not sure. The young guys, they dominated this year. Great young guys playing now and, you know, I think we just fed off the Presidents Cup experience, you know, and we just fed off that and went for that, I think. So, I'm not sure. We'll have to talk on Sunday. See if we still have it
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