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July 30, 2015

Jeff Overton


Q. Got to 6-under today in the afternoon wave. What was going well for you out there?
JEFF OVERTON: You know, I don't know what it is, practice round, first time playing it. The golf course fit my eye and, you know, something about just the lines off the tee. I hit my driver extremely straight and last few weeks I've really been hitting this driver a little further. Just, you know, having that little extra distance and being right down the middle almost every hole allowed me to have some good opportunities to make some putts and just kind of got it going a little bit.

Q. Had a little delay in the play and playing preferred lies today. It was a little softer out there. Did that make a big difference, do you think?
JEFF OVERTON: Really the only thing about it was just I mean I'm soaking wet from sitting there and warm up, it was so hot out here and, you know, because it was hot, I think, and the humidity, the air kind of went -- the ball kind of went a little short. Even though like you think it being hot it would really move but I didn't really find my ball like ever really taking off with some iron shots. I felt like the ball really flew their numbers and stuck on the greens pretty nicely. The only time you kind of get that going on it kind of gives you a lot of chances.

Q. You got to be looking forward to going out tomorrow morning and it looked like there was a lot of sod torn up from all the play this afternoon, the softness out there. Got to be looking forward to a nice, fresh course in the morning.
JEFF OVERTON: I'm looking forward to -- I've been -- I think I can take my shirt and wring it out from the heat. More than anything just the morning, it won't be so hot
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