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July 30, 2015

Cristie Kerr


Q. 66 ties your low round on a links golf course in this championship. How do you feel the golf course played today? Was that about as easy as it could get?
CRISTIE KERR: I think it played pretty benign today. There are still tough holes out there but also plenty of birdie opportunities. So I got off to a great start, and you know, I kind of faltered a little bit in the middle, but had great bounce back with two birdies after two bogeys.
Yeah, they say weather is moving in, so you just have to keep your head on straight and just keep going forward.

Q. Are you a player that pays attention to the forecast here or do you do the Tom Watson attitude and just look out the window and see what the day brings?
CRISTIE KERR: I think either is probably fine, because nobody really knows. But yeah, you try to look at the weather just to know what to have in the golf bag, what to wear.

Q. Talk about that start and what happened on the front nine. It was pretty electric.
CRISTIE KERR: It was. It was a lot of fun. I just tried to keep my head down and keep going. Second hole I hit a 7‑iron in and made a little bit over a 20‑foot putt. The third hole, hit a good 5‑iron that bounced up there again a little over 20 feet and made that.
And then two really good shots, I think I'm missing one actually‑‑ the par3, yeah, sorry. 6‑iron and made about a 12‑, 13‑footer.
Then two really good shots on the next one. Made about a 10‑footer.
Then just kind of bogey, another birdie. I tried not to focus on my mistakes today and tried to just keep going forward.

Q. You've won multiple major championships and you know what your game is like in position to be the best at a major. Do you feel like your game is in that position right now?
CRISTIE KERR: Well, I don't want to get ahead of myself. But I was proud of my mental game today and it allowed me even when I missed shots to keep it in play and keep it going and keep the momentum going. I just have to take it day by day. Of course, I've already won this year; that's not in question, but I just have to keep going for it.

Q. You have a pretty good relationship with Donald Trump and he arrived today. There was some talk that he was a distraction from the golf; that it turns attention away from the golf. He was out there watching you today. Do you get that feeling as a player?
CRISTIE KERR: No, not at all. Actually Donald and I are pretty good friends and he's made me honorary member at all of his courses. We are so thrilled to be here at Turnberry.
I know there was a lot of media speculation around some comments that were made, but everybody made mistakes, right. The Tour loves Donald. Donald has done a lot for women's golf and I know the players certainly love him, as well.

Q. Seven birdies and an eagle, how would you rate that particular round in The Open Championship?
CRISTIE KERR: Great. I think I have to work on the other nine. The weather was spectacular and I got off to a great start. Had a lot of fun out there today. I played within myself just trying to do myself, and not over‑worry about results, and it paid off.

Q. You've played all of the links courses on the Ricoh Women's British Open Championship rota. How does Turnberry compare for you?
CRISTIE KERR: Turnberry is great. Especially on a day like today, spectacular. And the scenery; the golf course is great. There's a lot of scoring opportunities but it presents with a lot of tough holes, as well.

Q. A lot of affection for this championship, you were runner‑up in 2006 to Sherri, going back a long way. A bit of unfinished business?
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah. You've got to take it day by day, and I believe there's some weather coming in, so if you keep your head on straight and your wits about you, you're going to have a good chance.

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