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July 30, 2015

Paula Creamer


Q. That was quite an up‑and‑down.
PAULA CREAMER: To say the least. I had some bunker fun on that one‑‑ what hole was that on, 5. Just played around a little bit too much in the sand.

Q. What happened exactly?
PAULA CREAMER: I hit my tee shot in the right bunker. Then I chipped out. Then I hit it in that left ‑‑ the left bunker up near the green. There's those two front ones, and I hit it so many times in there, and I 2‑putted for my nice 8. So it was not an ideal way to start.
But you know, it wasn't like I was trying to take too much on. I don't know, there was a little bit less sand in there than what I thought there was going to be and actually practiced out of that bunker, too, in the practise rounds. It was just a little bit more compact and I couldn't quite get underneath it and it kept hitting the lip and kept coming back.

Q. Two out of there?
PAULA CREAMER: I was one, two, and then three, and then three times, 2‑putt: 8.

Q. Coming out of there, you obviously were just thinking, what have I just done, such a blip to start the tournament, and yet you pulled it together and turned it around. How did you do that?
PAULA CREAMER: Quite truthfully, I could not hit a fairway for the first nine holes. I was down the right side on every single shot, basically, even irons. Just kept grinding away and was talking to Colin a lot about how I've been playing so well in my practise rounds. Had A great warmup on the driving range. I was beyond frustrated.
Kind of one of those things where I let a couple slip away and I started to almost doubt myself and he basically caught me. That's been my biggest thing is my confidence out on the golf course. He said: You have to turn it around. This is where you kind of have to learn how to deal with something like this, what you're going through.
Made a great drive on 10 and literally almost holed it. It was within inches and from there, I just got some confidence. Still had a bogey on the way in, but was just a different player, different person.

Q. Feel really proud of how you turned it around and finished?
PAULA CREAMER: Honestly, I really am. This has been the hardest part for me right now is grinding it out there and not getting too down on myself and basically feeling sorry for myself. You know, he is the only person out there that's going to help me get through that besides myself and he definitely told me to get my head out of my butt and let's go, and I did.

Q. What club did you hit in close at 10?
PAULA CREAMER: It was just a pitching wedge. It was that downwind breeze, you could bust driver down over all those bunkers. I had about 115 yards and hit a little wedge and even lined myself up and all of this, and I was like, I got it, and hit it within that. It was just a good confidence, momentum change and then birdied the next.

Q. You are very raspy. How are you feeling?
PAULA CREAMER: It's up‑and‑down. Today my energy levels, it kind of goes‑‑ I just can't eat much quite yet. I'm hoping that I get another good night's sleep. I have an early one tomorrow. But it's one of those things you have to deal with.

Q. A virus?
PAULA CREAMER: Yeah, I had like a bad bug, virus. It wasn't necessarily a cold, like a flu.

Q. Stomach flu?

Q. How many holes did you actually play?
PAULA CREAMER: I played 18 yesterday. I went out at 1.45. So I had the whole morning, literally did nothing. Then went and played 18 and just played one ball.
Then I played 18 on Monday and played pretty much one ball, too. It was probably not the smartest thing because it was raining and I really wasn't playing that well as it was. But I'm not going to not see the golf course.

Q. When did you start feeling poorly?
PAULA CREAMER: Last Thursday night. So it's been going on for a while.

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