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July 30, 2015

James Morrison

Aberdeen, Scotland

JAMES MORRISON: He had had a good week last week, Pelle Edberg. He's a really good player. He's one of those hot and cold players, and around this sort of golf course, if he blows hot, he could play really hot. I was mindful that it could be a very tough test and we both played pretty steady, no real fireworks but I managed to come out on top.

Q. Looked like with that score it was a bit of nip and tuck.
JAMES MORRISON: I missed a few birdie putts in the middle part of the back nine had a good couple up-and-downs to keep my.

JAMES MORRISON: I missed a few birdie putts in that middle part of the back nine there. Had a good couple up-and-downs to keep myself going. Good halve and birdies on 13 or 14. I just played well coming in. Hit every shot I needed to hit and won 2&1.

Q. Are you conscious you're the top seed?
JAMES MORRISON: I've been getting a lot of ribbing from, a, mates at home; b, fellow professionals. Even written on my locker, my name, No. 1 seed. So it's been taken with a lot of fun. 1 of 64, anyone here can win. But they have the seeding for some reason. It's a lovely feeling to be No. 1 seed. But as I say, I've been given a lot of stick by my peers and stuff. It's been good fun. Doesn't really happen that often so it was actually quite nice to have that.

It's been a great week. Paul has done a great job. Paul is a bit of a hero of mine. I tell him every day, but he never believes me, but he actually is. For someone like him t putt on an event like this is absolutely brilliant of him. Hopefully it can go from strength to strength.

Q. It's staged well and on a great course. We probably just need more events like it?
JAMES MORRISON: Yeah, it's events we need on our special, a little bit different, add a little more spice to the special. Being run by 4Sport, my management company, too, and hopefully the tournament can do a good job and go on and on. Hopefully other top players like Paul can keep doing what they are doing and keep giving back to the game. It's going to be a great week.

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