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July 30, 2015

Marc Warren

Aberdeen, Scotland

Q. I take it that was tighter and more dramatic than you'd have hoped, but you're through nicely.
MARC WARREN: Yeah, obviously, to be honest, when I seen the draw, I knew I was going to be in for a tough day out there. Richard is a very good player and been on some great form this year, as well. I knew it was going to be a tough game.

The wind died down a little bit and the course was a bit kinder to us this afternoon. It was a little bit kinder to us this afternoon. Wasn't quite as tough as for the other guys. Hopefully make some birdies and it was quite exciting.

Q. Looks like there was plenty of birdies and a quality match. Wasn't one where you were scraping your way around.
MARC WARREN: There was only one hole I can think of where he gave me the hole. And in match play, that doesn't happen very soft. It's going to be two or three times in the course of a round.

It was a very good game. We both played solid tee-to-green. We both putted I would say decent. Towards the end we both putted quite nicely and holed a couple of putts. It was nice and I was delighted to see my putt go in on the last.

Q. And when he missed, I presume a sigh of relief, as well.
MARC WARREN: Yeah, a little bit of a shame to win it like that. I would rather have my putt was for birdie. I knew when I seen the line in the bunker, I knew all I had to do was try to make four and hopefully that would be good enough. If it was going to be extra holes, then so be it.

But like I said, just a shame the putt broke across the hole for him. But like I said, it was a pretty high-quality match.

Q. You were looking forward to this competition. Now that you've been involved and seen what it's like and having the support out there, is it living up to expectations?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, absolutely. We were talking about it today, how great it is to be playing match play and what a great job they have done this week. Paul and Saltire Energy have put on a great event for us. Hopefully we can continue to produce the good for them.

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