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July 30, 2015

Paul Lawrie

Aberdeen, Scotland

Q. What are your thoughts then on starting in such wonderful style at this tournament?
PAUL LAWRIE: I played really solid today. I hit the ball nice and straight and didn't really kind of hit it off line very often. And when you play as solid as that and don't give much away, I think I was a couple under when the game finished. The wind was quite strong when we teed off. It slackened off a wee bit toward the end but just didn't make any mistakes. Made it hard for Romain and he gave me a couple holes early on. It's all going to be tough when the guy you're playing against hits it solid.

Q. Which means that you felt comfortable and in control out there?
PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah, I felt really good. I birdied the first. I hit 3-wood on the green at the first and made birdie. So got off to a nice start. Birdied 4, the only poor hole.

7, I gave away. I made bogey on 7 from the middle of the fairway with a little 8-iron. But apart from that, kept the ball in play and did what I had to do.

Q. You could be forgiven for having your mind all over the place as the host of the event; but does this mean you're nicely focused when you're out on the course?
PAUL LAWRIE: The last couple of days, it's been mega busy, but I knew coming in that was all part of the deal. But then I knew as soon as I got to my bed last night, that was me pretty much done and I was a normal player from this morning. Got here nice and early, did some practise and got my head around what I needed to do today and did it.

Q. So things are taking care of themselves now in the tournament?
PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah, I'm just a normal player now. Just one of the 32 that's left now. I was one of 64. So no, I'm looking forward to it. I'm enjoying it. I hit the ball nice today, so long may that continue.

Q. Do you find yourself looking around and thinking, yeah, staging could be a little bit different here; we could improve this next year?
PAUL LAWRIE: Oh, the job 4Sport has done is magnificent. It's their first go at a big event and the job they have done is magnificent. I have no qualms about what's gone on. They are doing a great job. They will only learn from what's gone on this week and they will just make it bigger and better, I assume, going forward. But they have been magnificent.

Q. And I take it Murcar Links is a golf course that's been living up to your expectations?
PAUL LAWRIE: Very good. All the players have been singing its praises and rightly so. I think the condition of it is second to none. It's a great course for match play. The wind has been more than we would like to see more birdies, but the players are loving it. So as a venue, it's been very good.

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