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July 30, 2015

Chris Wood

Aberdeen, Scotland

Q. Is it as a resounding victory as it sounds?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, it was fairly comfortable today. I played very steady. Tough conditions. I was a couple up through about five or six I think, and then one back on seven, and one hole in 18-hole match play, anything can happen. But fortunately, I think I won 12, 13, 14 to sort of close the game out.

Q. Sounds like could you breathe easy at that stage.
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, it's nice to have a bit of a cushion. I felt that early on; getting a 2-up start was always going to help.

18-hole match play, anything can happen. So especially this sort of golf course in these conditions, links courses, but this is very, very fiddly. But, that's what's going to make the tournament so exciting I think.

Q. You said tricky conditions. Did you feel in control, though, and in control of the ball flight and how you were playing your shots?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, I've got a nice little secret weapon of a 1-iron, which I put in the bag which goes head-height 250 yards. So if you can get that straight-ish, you're probably doing all right. Whereas guys have probably got to hit driver or 3-wood in the air to match you for distance, so that helps on weeks like this.

Q. It's not often that we see that club in play at all. Was it one that you had just ordered for this week or found it in a garage?
CHRIS WOOD: No, Mizuno made it for me at Hoylake last year at The Open. I was probably hitting it as far as some guy's drivers, and I used it at The Irish Open this year a couple of days and obviously put it in today. 1- or 2-iron, goes like a rocket.

Q. And you feel good with it?
CHRIS WOOD: Yes, intimidating to start with looking down on it, but once you get used to it, I think it has about 14 degrees of loft. Yeah, it's turned into one of my favorite clubs.

Q. And is this turning into one of your favorite tournaments? Must be nice to be playing match play once again?
CHRIS WOOD: It's a great change. A lot of people have said this week is a really nice change to sort of mix it up from sort of four-round events that we play most weeks of the year.

Paul's done -- well, my caddie snuck off and hit a few balls the other night at his academy and was impressed with that. Paul's had a great career, and what a thing to do; to be able to give back to the tour, and particularly in his hometown.

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