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July 30, 2015

Michael Hoey

Aberdeen, Scotland

Q. Is it a good and satisfying victory?
MICHAEL HOEY: Yeah, it always is. I've played great at the start. I was under par and it was really windy, and then I gave Max a hole and then he played well. So it was getting very, very close.

Turning point on 16. I holed a 12-footer for par. Max didn't get up-and-down from just short. So that really changed the game totally, and then I had a couple of solid pars, 16, 17, to finish it and I couldn't get close to the pin on 17. Max was trying to make birdie there.

Probably lucky because I didn't play great and was maybe 1-over, 2-over; but tough conditions. There's a lot of long par 4s, so actually if you're level par around here, you're playing really, really good. But I could have gone out there and shot 2-under and got beaten, but I was 2-over and I won. A bit lucky, really. Max didn't have his best day. I holed a couple of putts at the right time and that was it.

Q. That's the very nature of match play, you don't necessarily have to be at your best, just better than the man you're facing.
MICHAEL HOEY: Yeah, there's always turning points. If you hole that putt at the right time like I did on 16, 12-footer, that was a good stroke and that really changed the match. If I had missed that, he might have birdied the next and I might have lost. There's turning points and you have to make those putts.

Q. Do you relish it? Do you like facing somebody down like that?
MICHAEL HOEY: Yeah, I was trying to remember, 14 years ago I won the British Amateur, so I was trying to take back some memories of getting against the opponent and really strategies for match play and stuff like that. It's been a long time.

Q. And it has been that long since you've had any real competition?
MICHAEL HOEY: I think so. I don't remember any other real match play. I haven't played Ryder Cup, yet. Different format. Everyone is excited this week with the different format, it's fantastic. Great golf course and anything can happen.

Q. Do you welcome an event like this?
MICHAEL HOEY: Not just me. Everyone is looking forward to it all week. We are all almost out of our comfort zone. We don't know to hand our card in. Looking at marking my card today and there's no card, stuff like that. Anything can happen, so yeah, it's great.

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