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July 28, 2015

Billy Hurley III


MARK STEVENS: We've got a couple things to cover today with Billy. We're going to kind of go into talk about the golf and Billy being here close to home real quick and Billy has an announce, a statement that he wants to talk about and we'll close with that. Billy, obviously I know it's good to be back in the D.C. area. If you want to just kind of talk a little bit about if you've ever played this course, your thoughts on the course coming in.

BILLY HURLEY, III: Yeah, I've played it a couple of times, you know, not anything that amounts to like really having a home course advantage or anything. I grew up about 45 minutes from here in Leesburg, Virginia. Annapolis, unfortunately, is over an hour and a half away where I live now. Got to move over here. Kind of a home game but not really at home if you will. So, yeah, I mean it will be a fun week. Normally I get at the other previous Quicken Loans Nationals have gotten a lot of good home town support.

MARK STEVENS: Take a couple questions. Anybody has any?

Q. Last year you tore things up. Had a really kind of breakout season. How are things this year?
BILLY HURLEY, III: This year been disappointing, I guess, from the overall year. I thought that I would have some more consistent top finishes and I haven't done that to this point. You know, hopefully we'll make a good splash at the end of the year.

Q. Coming back to Virginia, how did that help you ignite things?
BILLY HURLEY, III: Hopefully. It's not Congressional. I've had a lot of success there. Hopefully I hear the course is firm and fast. That will be good, too.

Q. Billy, is there any particular part of your game that you feel is holding you back this year?
BILLY HURLEY, III: I haven't hit it as well as I hit it last year. Just kind of in general, ball-striking probably -- I'm not saying everything is a quarter click off in a sense. I've had flashes of really good golf, you know, and couple of Top 20s and stuff like that. Yeah, the ball strikes has been a little bit off from last year when you start looking at numbers of fairways percentage, greens percentage, that kind of stuff.

MARK STEVENS: Any others? Okay. Wanted to kind of get that out of way. Billy has got an announcement, kind of emotional so if everybody will give him his time. He's just finding out about this so with that --

BILLY HURLEY, III: So I just want to make a statement. I'm not going to take any questions about this and I'm really coming to you guys and asking for help. My family and I are trusting you guys as like the PGA TOUR Media Family to help us, not run over us.

MARK STEVENS: Just take a minute.

BILLY HURLEY, III: So last Sunday, nine days ago, my dad took some clothes, he took some cash, he got in his truck and drove away and no one has heard from him since. So he's been gone about nine days, I guess. No one really knows why. It's complete speculation as to why he left. He's been married to my mom for 30-plus years. You know, they still live in the house that I grew up in in Leesburg and I'm just hoping that there's a story that maybe he goes to pgatour.com to check my tee time or check my score and sees this and understands that dad, we love you and we want you to come home. We have no idea where he is. You know, my dad was a Police Officer here right in this area for 25, 27 years. He was -- he did Presidents Cup security detail on this golf course, you know, for every Presidents Cup that's been played here. Some of my first memories of the Tour hearing him tell silly stories about player conversations inside the ropes from walking with them during the Presidents Cup. So, you know, he works at the church that we grew up in, Reston Bible Church that we attended, my parents and my family and I attended growing up and that he attended for the last, I don't know, 35 years or something. He's not mentally unstable. We have no idea why he left and it's complete speculation for anybody to try and put their finger on that. But you know, I'm just hopeful. This was a hard decision for my family to make to even make this public. I just found out about it yesterday afternoon about the same time Mark texted me about coming in here to talk to you guys. Kind of thought hey, here we have an opportunity to at least maybe, you know, bartender who served him dinner sees this story on Golf Central or whatever, you know, and we can get a hit on his location or something or maybe he sees it, like I said, checking my score, checking my tee time, somehow and he realizes that it's just time to come home and, like I said, we have no idea why, you know. A police report has been filed in Leesburg, Virginia, missing person's report. I think that was filed yesterday by my mom. And, you know, we'll get you guys some photos of my dad or whatever. You need to help us out. But, so, finally I just really appreciate your help and also your respectfulness of our privacy. Myself and my family aren't going to make any further comment about this. I'm not going to field any questions about this. I'm not going to field any questions about this later on in the week. I intend to play this week in hopes that that somehow brings my dad home, and thanks for your sport.

MARK STEVENS: Thank you for your time, Billy.
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