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July 28, 2015

Stacy Lewis


COLIN CALLANDER: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. We have Stacy Lewis, the 2013 champion with us today. Stacy, welcome back.
STACY LEWIS: Thank you.
COLIN CALLANDER: Can we start first of all with your clubs. We understand you may have lost them somewhere in transit. Is that true?
STACY LEWIS: Yes, the clubs got lost. They didn't make my flight.
But it was a little bit of an adventure yesterday. I was calling British Airways all afternoon and they were telling me to call back in 24 hours; that they will know more. I said, well, that's not going to work.
Was texting with my caddie the whole time and he was sitting with Laura Davies and Mick Seaborn, Ai Miyazato's caddie. And Mick's friend from school was the head of British Airways Terminal 5 baggage area.
So he physically went out on the runway where there is probably he said a thousand bags piled up, found my golf clubs in there, and then physically took them to the last flight to Glasgow last night.
They made the flight. But then they couldn't be delivered until‑‑ they were going to leave the airport at 9.00am this morning, and I said, well, that's not going to work either.
So Travis rented a car‑‑ he had rented a car for the week. So the two of us drove up there and five miles from the airport we got a flat tire, we hit a curb. And so then, we had both our phones; I'm holding flashlights, we are trying to figure out how to change this tire.
So finally and get to the airport, added about 45 minutes to our trip and luckily the bags were there and we made it back at about 12.30 last night. The clubs are here and that was the best news. But the story, you just couldn't make it up.
COLIN CALLANDER: You must be looking forward to playing some golf now.
STACY LEWIS: Yes, I'm very excited just to be playing and having golf clubs and being able to play today. But you know, the way the weather was yesterday, and I think the way the weather is going to be all week, I think missing nine holes or an afternoon is not really going to hurt me that much.

Q. You must think after all that good luck you've had so far, you're destined to win this tournament.
STACY LEWIS: I don't know, I did get very lucky with the bags. He told me that he said it would have been at least two days before they even moved a lot of those bags. Definitely got very lucky. I'm excited where my game's at. I'm excited the way I've played over the last three or four weeks, especially.
I love this tournament. I love the challenge of it. I like that the weather is going to be nasty all week. I think it's really going to separate the field, and if you go into it with a good attitude, I think you can still play some pretty good golf.

Q. Par for the course for a professional golfer, but how big of an impact is it, your general state of mind coming into a tournament, no clubs?
STACY LEWIS: It's frustrating. The amount we travel, it's bound to happen. It's happened before. It's probably going to happen again. Heathrow, it's one of those places you don't want to deal with. But you know, it's part of the deal.
But mentally, just having those clubs last night, I mean, I slept a lot better just knowing that I could play today and not have to worry about it.

Q. Curious how much you watch the men played the Old Course on TV and how much that inspired you for this tournament?
STACY LEWIS: Well, I watched quite a bit of it actually. It was cool to just kind of remember certain shots that I hit and certain things about it, just knowing the way the golf course played. I was disappointed the guys were going to have to play 36 holes on Sunday like we did. Kind of had the same scenario.
It was more just memories of that tournament and that week. I mean, I love links golf. I wouldn't say the first couple years that I came over here that I really liked it that much but it's really kind of grown on me the last four or five years.

Q. Do you know much aboutTurnberry?
STACY LEWIS: You know, I don't know much about it. I obviously haven't played the golf course yet. I don't really know too much about it. Travis went out and kind of told me some things. He walked the golf course.
But just for us to be playing on this venue where it's in the men's traditional rotation, it's huge. It's a place that we should be playing and I'm excited for the week. I'm excited for the challenge just to be a part of history here.

Q. You alluded to the weather a few moments ago. Does it suit you if the weather is rough without being silly?
STACY LEWIS: I guess. I seem to play better in harder conditions. I play better in majors when it's playing tougher. I just think it really is going to separate the field. It's all in the mentality, the mind‑set you go into it. If you're enjoying the challenge of the rain and the conditions and the wind, it's a different deal than if you're out there, you're dreading teeing it up every day.

Q. You didn't play last week competitively. How is your preparation for this year's championship the same as it has been in the past or is it different?
STACY LEWIS: I mean, I think it's pretty much the same. It's kind of hard to simulate these conditions in the US, especially this time of the year. But I need a week off. I was exhausted. The last seven tournaments I played it, I was either defending a hometown or a sponsor event, or it was a major. It was a long stretch there and I just needed a week off to kind of rest my brain a little bit and just relax.
But I had some really good prep these last few days sweating it out down in Florida and Texas. But completely opposite weather, but I think I did a lot of good things to get ready for here.

Q. A little bit off‑topic, about 12 months away from golf being back in the Olympics. Now you've got a chance to digest Olympic golf. Where does a Gold Medal rank for you compared to, say, a major championship like this?
STACY LEWIS: You know, I don't know. I think it will be‑‑ I think it's important. I think if you look at just because we don't have a history with the Olympics yet, I think major championships will still be above it. I think it will be similar to tennis. While it's cool to win an Olympic Gold Medal and one thing you really strive for, I think most players will be looking for majors over that still.
But I think as history kind of goes and we play more years, I think it will be a little bit different. But I mean, hopefully I'm there, but I'm looking forward to just the team aspect of it and getting to be there for the closing ceremonies and be around the other athletes. I think that's going to be the coolest part of the Olympics.

Q. Do you know how to change a tire or did Travis do it?
STACY LEWIS: I did tell him, as soon as we pulled over, I said, "there's not anybody else I would rather be stuck on the side of a road with a flat tire with. He's pretty handy and can fix anything. I put my two cents in here and there but he was the one that got dirty and got mud all over and grease all over his hands. I held a flashlight and kind of helped take some bolts off and things like that.

Q. So leading the Tour in putting, second in scoring; how much are you thinking about winning and do you feel like you're due at this point for a big one given how close you've been this year?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I definitely feel like I'm due. I feel like I'm playing better golf now than I was at the beginning of the year, even when I was having some pretty good results. I think the good part about where I'm at is I'm second in a lot of those categories, and then you win a major and you're going to jump up there pretty close I think to Inbee and most of them.
I'm in a position where a good week is going to help me a lot for everything, really. I like what I'm doing. I like where things are at. It's definitely frustrating I haven't won this year. But I think it's coming.

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