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July 26, 2015

Marco Dawson


MARCO DAWSON: I thought if I could just keep my mind to it and not overdo the practice like I used to, things start to happen. I've been driving well. After I had a chance to win late last year, but I didn't; but I won earlier this year, and today was about the same way. I was nervous coming down the stretch. I felt like if I keep on going backwards, I won't have a chance at all. These guys are playing well and making birdies left and right. I thought, I've got to do something, so I just said, you know, what let's just make the swing and see what happens. Quit playing conservative, just make the swing.

Q. What are the emotions like?
MARCO DAWSON: Well, you know, Bernhard made a phenomenal par on 17, and Colin made a phenomenal par on 17. Thought, it's going to be a little harder than I thought. Yeah, it was great to play with them and see how they play and how they react. They just make the same shots, make the same things, make the same mistakes and make the same putts. I just made a few more putts.

Q. How much of a role did your caddie play?
MARCO DAWSON: Yeah, he was great. He was full of knowledge.

Q. This win qualifies you for The Open Championship at Royal Troon. How excited are you?
MARCO DAWSON: That's awesome. That will be great. I love coming over here. This is only my second time here and I love the way it's played differently here. There's so many more options off the tee and on the fairway and on the greens. I really enjoyed playing last year, which was my first time, and I just love the way the game is played. This is one of the best golf courses. It was set up so fair. Even with the conditions the way they were -- they did a great job. Just shows the design of the course and the set up was outstanding.
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